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    [L2J]L2MMO3D 10000x [HI5]
    « on: March 04, 2016, 12:28:05 PM »
    L2MMO3D is a new high rate High Five server with plenty of great features and more to come. Players that try it will immediately notice the quality of the server.


    Forums: http://l2mmo3d.freeforums.org/

    Attention New Players :

     If you go vote once you login , you can have :
     Full raid boss jewels set +20
     Full Elegia armor set +20 by your choice
     Full +20 s84 Weapon




    10000x xp
     11000x sp
     15000x adena
     10x drop
     10x spoil


    Enchant Rates


    Max Enchant
     Weapon +20
     Armor +20
     Jewels +20
     Safe Enchant +5

     Scroll Enchant Success
     Weapon Success Rate 75%
     Armor Success Rate 75 %
     Jewel Success Rate 75 %
     Blessed 100%


    Batch Attribute System
     Crystal/Stone/Jewel  100 %
     Lv 9 with one click
     Ctrl+double click Jewel to activate




    Custom Buffer-2 hour buffs +30

    Buffs 36 , song/dance 16
     Custom GMSHOP
     Custom Class Manager

    Noblesse Manager (Free)
     Global Gk
     Wedding Manager
     Vote Reward Shop

    Services Npc  ex) change name/gender

    Server News/Info

    Clan Trader (clan reputation with blood aliance)

    Vote Reward System

     Reward at our Website 5/5 banners
     Vote Reward .getreward (in game)
     Vote Reward Shop


     Leveling Zone(Safe)
     Farming Zone (Safe)
     High Level Farming Zone
     Solo PvP Zone
     3 Mass PvP Zones with Auto Flag and Auto Respawn
     RaidBoss Zone (Epic Raids 1 hour Respawn)



     New hero every week on sunday's
     Max 120  match's per week
     Same IP feed protection
     Request 4 players for match start
     Oly Start's at  21:00 - 03:00  GMT+1


    Other Features


    Auto Learn Skills
     .dressme system

     PvP Rank System /pvpinfo

    Custom Ixion Armor
     Custom G.O.D Weapons
     Custom 12 hour Tattoo's Available in vote reward Shop
     Spawn Protection 15s
     Daily events
     Elite Mobs
     TvT every 60 minutes

    Only 5 players needed for clan lvl 11
     and much more..


    Server Specs


    Intel(R) Xeon(R) W3530 8 Core
     16GB corsair Vengence 2133mhz
     2x 750gb sata 3 Raid 0
     2x 128gb solid state raid 0
     256mbit connection

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=25543.0
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