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    [L2J]L2mmo3d c4 server
    « on: June 10, 2015, 02:56:39 PM »
    L2MMO3D is a new mid rate C4 server with plenty of great features and more to come. Players that try it will immediately notice the quality of the server and they will then try work there way to owning dual daggers and other custom items to help them in battle.

     Web Page:http://l2mmo3d.wix.com/l2mmo3d

    New Updated C4 Patch some ppl had an issue connecting with the original



     100x xp

     150x sp

     10x drop

     1000x adena

     10x spoil

     Enchant Rates

     Max EnchantWeapon +20

     Armor +20

     Jewels +20

     Safe Enchant +5

     Scroll Enchant Success

     Weapon Success Rate 75%

     Armor Success Rate 75 %

     Jewel Success Rate 75 %

     Blessed 100%


     Custom Buffer-1 hour buffs

     Custom GMSHOP

     Custom Class Manager

     Global Gk


     Other Features

     Auto Learn Skills

     Cp Healer

     Spawn Protection 15s

     Titanium Armor

     Dual Infinty Weapons

     Dual daggers

     Daily events

     Custom Tattoo's

     Custom enchant glows and much more..

     Server Specs:

     I7 3770k

     8GB corsair Vengence 2133mhz

     2x 750gb sata 3 Raid 0

     2x 128gb solid state raid 0

     100mbit connection

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=23712.0
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