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    « on: March 24, 2016, 08:36:39 AM »
    Lineage 2 Sunrise

    General Info:

    Server Version: High Five.
    Start level: 1 ---> Level Up Zone
    Auto learn skills
    Subclass without quest & exp
    Max subclass level: 85
    Max. Sub-Class: 5.
    Become noblesse with Not allowed Bars
    No Grade Penalty.
    8 Different PVP nick colors
    Custom Npcs
    Working Offline Trading.
    XP/SP/DROP: 1000x
    There are re-designed and fully functional Community Board (ALT + B), which will provide all information about the server.
    Safe Enchant: +4
    Maximum Enchant: +17 (Donators +20)
    Enchant Chance: 75%
    Blessed Enchant Chance: 85%
    Ancient Scroll Enchant Chance: 100%
    Element Stones & Crystals by one-click
    Npc Scheme Buffer
    Buffs duration: 2 hours
    Buff Slots: 24
    Songs & dances slots: 12
    Olympiad Maximum Gear: A Grade
    Olympiad Battles time - from 18:00 to 00:00(GMT+3).
    Period: 1 week
    Maximum enchant in olympiad: 17 (Donators 20).
    Starting Points: 20
    Auto pick up
    Custom mobs stats & drops
    Special farm zones with extra drops and cusom Mini Bosses
    Raid Boss respawn time: 4 hours.
    PvP System
    Balanced Classes
    Event system - Team vs Team, Capture the Flag, Domination, Survival, Death Match.
    If you like nonstop pvp battles this i a right place for you. There is primeval area as a main pvp zone
    Recieve PvP Coins per Kill
    Buy expensive items with PvP Coins
    Castle sieges
    Siege day: Sunday
    Siege hours: 16:00, 20:00 GMT+3
    Siege Period: 1 weeks
    Territory War Period: 1 weeks

    Lineage 2 Sunrise

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