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    [L2J]Lineage II Ashenvale Server Din
    « on: July 07, 2015, 04:02:14 PM »
    Hello, i invite you all to the new server of the community L2 Ashenvale

    Opening: Friday July 17, 2015 20 pm GTM-3
    Version: High Five - Parte 5
    Files: Official
    Only 2 Accounts (Main+Box)
    AntiBot: SmartGuard Protection
    anti DDoS.
    Protection CloudFlare.
    International Connection.

    XP: x5
    SP: x5
    Adena: x5
    Drop: x5
    Spam is not allowed Stones: x5
    Party: x1.2
    Spoil: x5
    Quest: x1
    Raid Boss: x2
    Epic Boss: x1

    Auto PickUP: ON Max 500 Range
    NPC Buffer: Off
    Auto Learn Skill: Off
    Buff: Retail
    Trader Offline: 50k Adena
    1st Class: Quest or 100k Adena (+ Coupons Grade D)
    2nd Class Quest: Quest or Donation (+ Coupons Grade C)
    3rd Class Quest: Quest or Donation (+ 5kk Adena + Giant Codex + Holy Pomander)
    CP Pots: Not tradable

    Olympiads start august 1st.
    Item Broker starts 17/08.
    Clan Hall Bid Retail
    Cursed Weapon after the 1st heroes
    Period Seven Sings Retail
    Sieges Retail
    Territory War after the first 2 or more castle sieges

    Everything else is Retail

    Web: http://www.l2ashenvale.com.ar

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=23920.0
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