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    [L2J]Winner Interlude PvP Server
    « on: August 24, 2015, 01:25:21 PM »

    Interlude Project Based on L2Java:
    - PvP Server normal retail, easy farm, max20.

    Promo Video: https://youtu.be/eTQK6XOhY80


    Chronicle: Interlude C6

    Server Rates
    Experience : x2000
    Skill Points: x2000
    Adena: x1000
    Drop: x1
    Spoil: x1

    Startup system
    Starting level: 80
    Starting adena: 100kk

    Basic Features
    No custom weapons / armors / shields.
    Custom Gatekeeper.
    Custom raid zones.
    Auto Learn Skills: Enabled.
    Weight Limit: Disabled.
    Grade penalty: Disabled.
    Max Subclasses: 3 subclasses per character.
    Subclass Without Quest: Enabled.
    Increased movement speed on all classes and pets!
    Augments in server

    Enchant Rates
    Safe Enchant: 5
    Max Enchant: 20
    Normal Scrolls Rate: 85%
    Blessed Scrolls Rate: 95%
    Crystal Scrolls 100%

    Buff & Mana Potion
    Buff Slot: 100+4.
    Debuff Slot: 6.
    Buff Time: about 2 hours

    Automatic events every 60 minutes.

    Death Match - The player to get most kills wins.
    Team vs Team - The good and oldschool TvT event where the team with most kills wins.
    Capture the Flag - Each team need to steal enemy's team flag and bring it back to the flag holder, team with most flags taken wins.

    Additional Information
    Custom Cancellation System - When you get cancel, cancelled buffs will be restored after 5 seconds. So you don't need rebuff.
    Stackable enchant scrools,(Enchant scrolls,take 1 slot in inventory like in higher chronicles).
    No Heal and Buffs at Raids.
    Anti-Farm Protection for PvP(You don't get PvP points from Same IP).
    Unique killing spree system.
    Raid Boss announce.
    Player spawn protection - 20 seconds.
    /unstuck - 20 seconds.
    Offline shop [add your shop and exit].
    Offline Trade: Max 10 days.
    Augmentation system (preconfigured).
    Max augument 1active+1passive.
    LifeStone:TopGrade 13% HightGrade 8%
    L2Off retail skill.
    Unique monsters.
    Unique farming areas.
    Unique flag pvp area.
    Pvp/pk show on title.
    Perfect class balance.
    More then 5 active raid bosses.
    A grade items for adena.
    Shops till top S grade for Winner Coin.
    Server up-time [24/7] [99]%

    Fully working
    Champion mobs system.
    Olympiad game:
    Retail olympiad game.
    Competition period [1] week.
    Olympiad start time [18:00] end [00:00].
    Olympiad start/end times can be found in olympiad manager.
    Anti Heavy system.
    Offline Shop system.
    Noblesse System.

    Additional player commands
    .repair .buffshield .stat
    .tvtjoin - .tvtleave - .tvtinfo
    .dmjoin - .dmleave - .dminfo
    .ctfjoin - .ctfleave - .ctfinfo


    Custom NPCs.
    Donate Shop.
    Event NPC.
    Raid boss info.
    Skill Enchanter.
    Clan Manager.
    GM Shop.
    Custom Shop.
    Npc Buffer.
    Augument Shop.
    Class Manager.
    Top Status.
    Weding Manager.
    Password Changer.
    Bug Report.
    Olympiad Manager.
    Casino [24/7].

    Epic Bosses

    #Shacram = 15min.
    #Uruka = 15min.
    #Remmel = 30min.
    #Verfa = 20min.
    #Sailren = 60min.

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=24267.0
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