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    L2Khaos x55 Interlude START 11/05/2018 GMT+3
    « on: May 10, 2018, 03:11:34 PM »
    Grand opening 11.05.2018 19:00 GMT+3

    Website: L2Khaos x55

    Server: Interlude L2OFF

    - Promisance(55x) Server:
    - Interlude (C6)
    - XP: 55x
    - SP: 55x
    - Spoil: 15x
    - ADENA: 200x

    -100% Retail.
    -Skill modifications made for game play improvement:
    --Touch of life and Restore life are party-only so that players dont heal raids.
    --Buffs are party-only to prevent griefing
    -Skill validation system to prevent skill stacking
    -Max Transfer Pain distance is 1500 to prevent players from hiding their summons and going across the map.


    -Weekly olympiad - 4 hours per day (20:00 GMT+2 )
    -Minimum of 5 players required
    -Limited to S-Grade +6 (Imperial Crusader, Draconic Leather, Major Arcana Robe and normal S-grade Jewelry & Weapon)
    -Promisance Armor/Raid Boss Jewelry / Custom Weapons/Cloaks are not allowed (Banned)
    -Non-class based to prevent class-based botting.

    Subclasse & Noblesse:

    -Must kill bosses for subclass and farm lunargents and hellfire oil
    -Must do the full noblesse quest

    Clans and Castles:
    -Full interlude clan system enabled up to level 8 with all sub units and clan skills
    -Alliances limited to 3 clans per alliance
    -No clan kick/leave penalties, players can leave and join clans without having to wait x amount of time.
    -Castle sieges are every weekend. Server will start with two sieges and open more castles as the population grows.

    Custom Zones:
    -School of Dark Arts(Sgrade,GemstoneS,adena,Mantra)
    -Cave of Trials(Adena,mats,mantra,spoil)(Shax)
    -Abandoned Coal Mines(recipes,mats,mantra,adena,spoil)
    -Primevil Isle(DemWeapon,Adena,Mantra,spoil,mats)(party)
    -Raid boss zones are pvp areas

    Custom Features:
    -Offline Shops
    -No party XP level limit
    -PvP Reward system
    -NPC Buffers in giran do not have the same buffs as AIOs
    -Buffs from AIOs and NPCs last 2 hours and 30 minutes. Normal player buffs are retail.
    -NPCs in giran for all your item/consumable/weapon/armor needs.
    -Increased weight limit on all characters
    -No death penalty
    -.expon/.expoff command to enable or disable experience gain
    -Trade radius to prevent players from creating shops on other players or npcs
    -Augmentation system enabled
    -Herb system DISABLED

    Enchant Rates:
    -Retail rates
    -Weapon safe enchant +5, max enchant +18
    -Weapon Regular scroll safe +5 -Armor/Jewel safe enchant +3 (+4 on onepiece), max enchant +10
    -Armor/Jewel scroll safe +3

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