Author Topic: L2JL2Kolasis Faction Good VS Evil PvP Project NO Donations based on Subscription.  (Read 448 times)

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    Faction interlude Engine GVE Start Lvl 76.
    Exp 9999x / Sp 10x / PvP and Capture.
    Safe +12 / Max +25
    Custom Dynasty Anti Cheats Bots.
    Anti AFK System.
    Summons in battle.
    Auto Respawn in maps.
    Castle Battle.
    Improved official Skills for Balanced.
    Auto team Change.
    Hero for Kill row 25
    Other features:
    (1) .- Every player will start lvl 76, and will choose his faction, he will wear grade A and he will have to kill players to win exp to be able to raise of lvl, for each kill he will win exp, adena and materials, which is useful for him get dressed S grade and buy some accessories. (In this case you don't need adena because is free) But you need exp.

    (2) .- Special set: Dynasty Armor and new accessories. (Free to buy)

    (3) .- For better exp must be in Party.

    (4) .- Map with a duration of 25 minutes, auto respawn on the battle map, flag capture or carp capture, super effects to the massacres followed, castle battle cities and random zones (5) .- Title pvp and for each pvp the title will change color.

    (6) .- Reward for the team that killed the most in battle, the top special reward player and Anti Fraud Protection PVP

    (7) .- Global pvp announcement after 3 kill in a row.

    (8) .- Hero for PVP and the auras to identify the faction, auto equipment balance.

    (9) .- Events: Zones invaded by zombies every so often.

    (10) .- Sheme buffer, maximum buffer 25. npc buff will not have prophecy of water, prophecy of fire, prophecy of wind, chant of victory and magnus chant that means he has to upload his Powater, Pofire, cov and magnus chant to have more power these buff will last 9 minutes.

    (11) .- Auto offline system to sell buffers.

    (12) .- Clan items full skill and lvl 8 and reputation for capturing flags.

    (13) .- The server will have several Npc which will serve them as: gmshop, Npc Buff, Gk, Wh, Enchant Skill and etc.

    (14) .- Olympiad, starts at 6:00 p.m.

    (15) .- Account protection, last login when entering the world Anti dual box

    (16) .- Auto Raid boss respawn in current map battle

    (17) .- Vip system

    (18) .- Aio system faction


    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/l2-adzone/10/l2kolasis-faction-good-evil-pvp-project-donations-based-subscription/29143/

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