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    L2Legacy Pride - Interlude Client
    « on: July 13, 2019, 04:28:39 AM »
    28 July GRAND OPENING!



    JOIN our discord channel:

    Bringing back the best copy of the memorial L2Pride server.

    The features list is currently not stable.


    #Server Rates

    -Fast leveling to 80 level. From level 80 to level 90 the leveling process is slow. Bonus experience is available in many ways.

    -Adena rate is reduced.

    -Custom drops.



    -Limited buff slots for each class.

    -Any self-buffs as Rage, Warcry etc do not take up buff slots.

    -You do not lose any buff effect after your death.



    -Enchant rates are totally custom. They depend on the item you are trying to enchant, the enchant scroll that you are using and the enchant level of the item.



    -No weight penalty, no grade penalty, no exp loss in PVP.

    -By increasing your PVPS you gain custom skills, and your name/title colors change to a different color.



    -Heroes are chosen every two weeks. The Olympiad period starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday, exactly 14 days after the start.

    -Extra Hero skills such as raidboss skills(Force Halo, Lightning Erruption, Pressure Bomb)



    -Autoevents such as TVTs, CTFs, DMs. All events have absolutely robust team-attack protection, spawn zone protection, and reward the loser teams with 1/3 of the prize.

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=29174.0