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    L2Mortal x20 Hive Five 30 May at 20:00 GMT+2
    « on: May 29, 2020, 03:29:58 AM »
    Lineage 2 Mortal Hive Five

    Server Information All In comunity Board Stats RaidBoss,Buffer,Gatekeeper and Much More
    -Rate: 20 xp 20 sp 10 adena
    -Spoil: x10
    -Manor: x10
    -Fish: x10
    -ClanRep: x10
    -Hellbound: x10
    -Siege: 10x
    -Boss: 2x
    -Enchant: 60%
    -Safe +4 Max +16
    -Attributes Standart Rate 40%
    -Attributes Crit Rate 30%
    -Buff time 2H
    -Max.Clients per PC 6x
    Heroes are chosen every 2 weeks , at 15th each month and at 1 st.
    HWID Protection and antifeed system helping you for fair matches, without 3v3 and class based matches
    Starting points are 50, and every week you gain 25
    Enchant For Olympiad even if your items are enchanted over+6, in Olympiad they counted as +6!
    .away / .back
    And much more you find all in site l2mortal.net
    Gmshop: Upgrade to S grade
    -Buff Limit: 28
    -Base Limit: 12 /dance/song
    -Debuff Limit: 8
    -Trigger Limit: 12
    Website: https://www.l2mortal.net/

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=29692.0
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