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    L2Multiclass Main + 1 Substack Server H5 Craft
    « on: March 11, 2019, 12:33:17 PM »
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    Hello to everyone. This server we prepared with long labor. It has a slightly different structure than the others.
    Our server is H5. Stuck Sub (Multi Skill) system is used. Unlike many other exaggerated stack sub servers,
    it has a more serious and balanced system. The Stack Sub system is Main + 1. The class you create first and the next class's skills combine with each other. In the game you can combine the special abilities of your weapons.
    for example (Arcana Mace + Acumen + Mana Up + Empower).
    In order to achieve this feature, you have to acquire other special abilities of the weapon. The special abilities we see as unnecessary are changed and new special abilities have been added. several of them are examples. The (Draconic Bow + Cheap Shot) Cheap Shot feature allows you to shoot cheaply. but in our opinion this feature does not have much effect on
    Player vs Player. We changed this feature with Might. The (Might) feature gives you + 16% P.Atk. many such useless features have been rendered useful. There is a Unique Tattoo System in our server. It can be upgraded from level 1 to level 5. and extremely balanced. it raises a feature, but on the other hand reduces it from a feature. for example. (Tatto Of Attack Speed - Sacriface P.Atk Lv.1) this tattoo gives you +2% Attack Speed. but also Decrease -8%. P.Atk. But if the level of the tattoo increases, The feature is increased. but minus value of the tattoo is decrease. for example.
    Tattoo Of Attack Speed - Sacriface Power Lv.5 this tattoo gives you +6% Attack Speed. -5% Power Atack.
    These tattoos can be used up to 2
    . Available for Right and Left. A person wearing 2 Tattoo Of Attack Speed
    will get an Attack Speed +12%. And each tattoo has 2 different features. for example.
    (Tattoo Of Attack Speed - Sacriface P.Atk)
    (Tattoo Of Attack Speed - Sacriface P.Def and M.Def )

    and many more beautiful features you will discover as you play.

    Game System

    Unique Reward System:
    At first every Character has a special Reward Skill. Reward skill needed Cuppon And Book. The Cuppon And Book is created into your inventory automatcly when you Create a Character. Reward Skill gives you so many Good Stuffs. Reward Skill can be upgrade every 2 level up to 70 Level. After 70 Level you can upgrade the skill every 1 Level up to 85 Level.

    Reward Gift Skill Content:Adena, Vote Coin, Medal, G.Medal, Potions, Enchant Scroll Box, Enchant Scroll, Blessed Enchant Scroll, Crystal Stage 8 - 10, Exp/Sp/ Runes, Giant's Codex Normal and Mystery, Gemstone A - S,
    "The count and kind of prizes will increase when you level up and upgrade The Reward Skill"

    Unique Ballanced Combat Potions:Combat Haste Potion, Magic Attack Potion, Power Attack Potion, Mana Potion, Enchanted Mana Potion. Healing Potion. Enchanted Healing Potion.

    Stack Weapon System: You can Combine your weapon's Special Ability with the others.
    For example: Arcana Mace + Acumen + Mana Up + Empower

    Unique Tattoo System:
    There are plenty unique tattoos. The tattoos extemely Balanced in this server. because if one of the tattoos gives you Atk.Spd also Decrease P.Atk or P.Def and M.Def.

    Hunting Reward Box:
    It's dropped by every mobs. with 0.2% - 0.6% Chances.
    Hunting Reward Box Content:
    Vote Coin. Enchant Scroll  Box. Adena. AA. Att Stone. Medal. G.Medal. Craft Matarial Box. Exp/Sp/Adena Rune for 12H

    Enchant Scroll Box: it's dropped by every mobs with 0.1% - 0.3% Chances.
    Enchant Scroll Box
    Content: All grades and Types Enchant Scrolls: Normal,Blessed,Divine,Ancient and Destruction.

    Craft Material Box:
    It's dropped by every mobs with 1.0% - 3.0% Chances.
    Craft Material Box Content
    : All of type Mats that you need in order to craft equip items Like Corse Bone Powder, Varnish, Animal Bone.

    Alchemy Material Box: It's dropped by every mobs with 1.0% - 3.0% Chances.  Craft material for making Special Potion
    Alchemy Material Box Content:
    Restorative Herbs, Mana Herbs, Healing Herbs, Rags, Orc Fingers And Ol Mahum Fur

    Improve You Jewels: You can improve your jewels with bonus stats which is STR - DEX - CON - MEN - INT - WIT +1.

    Augment Features

    Improved Augment System:
    the stat and bouns of augment increased. if you lucky, you can earn good stats like +350 M.Atk or 250 P.Atk or +750 HP etc.

    Augment Buff Limit: You can use augment Buffs up to 4. All of the Buffs limited for 2 minutes

    Augment Skill Countdown: The Countdown of all the skills is improved. If you have Hydro Blast Augment Skill. You can use that skill in like a Mystic Muse Class. The countdown of all skill same with original.

    Augment Buff Skill Bonus: All of the the Buff and Skill bonus increased: if you have Passive Shield or Active Shield. they give you same stats in like Prophet Class.

    Server Features

    Offline Shop System
    Buff Sell System
    Global Gatekeeper
    Npc Buffer:
    Gm Shop: (D - S not include Dynasty. Not cheap the items in Gm Shop)
    Raid Boss Gatekeeper:
    (you can teleport to near of the Raid boss which is you want instantly.)
    Epic Boss Gatekeeper:
    (you can teleport to near of the Epic boss which is you want instantly.)
    Class Manager: (You can complete all of your class profession without any quest)

    Service Manager:
    (You can benefit from various services in that shop.)
    Become Nobless, Change Name, Change Clan Name, Increase Clan Level
    Increase Clan Skill, Get Recommend, Get Clan Reputation And Get Fame Point

    Server Rates
    XP - 9x
    SP - 9x
    Drop - 9x
    Spoil - 9x
    Quest - 4x
    Adena - 9x

    Max Enchant Rates
    Weapon - 16
    Armor - 16
    Jewel - 16
    T-Shirt - 16

    Enchant Chance Rates Normal Scrolls
    Weapon - 66%
    Armor - 70%
    Jewel - 70%
    T-Shirt - 70%

    Enchant Chance Rates Blessed Scrolls
    Weapon - 70%
    Armor - 75%
    Jewel - 75%
    T-Shirt - 75%

    Buff Features
    Dance & Song Limit = 16
    Buff Limit = 40
    Debuff Limit = 5

    Olympiad Features
    Evey day at 18:00

    Raid Boss Spawn Features
    All of the raid boss spawned every 12 Hours when they killed.

    Epic Boss Spawn Features
    Valakas - 48 Hours
    Antharas - 48 Hours
    Baium - 48 Hours
    Ant Queen - 48 Hours
    Zaken - 48 Hours
    Frintezza - 48 Hours
    Core - 48 Hours
    Orfen - 48 Hours
    Baylor - 48 Hours
    Sailren - 48 Hours
    Freya - 48 Hours

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