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    L2Mumij.com - Interlude x1200 Classic PVP
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    L2Mumij.com - Interlude x1200 Classic PVP
    Opening date: October 8 at 20:00 (GMT +3)
    Web site: http://l2mumij.com

    Opening date:October 8 at 20.00 Moscow time!

    Platform: Java

    Chronicles: Interlude x1200 Classic PVP


    What awaits you at the start:


    All characters appear in Godarde.
    All characters appear level 20 with top D-Grade gear and get 10 million. Adena In the place of appearance of characters have all the necessary NPC.
    Adena / Mumij Coin conversion skills, as well as Noblesse Blessing and Block Buff are given when creating a character.
    Implemented a convenient Alt + B repeating all the functions of the NPC.
    Exchange Mumij coin to Adena = 210kk


    Server Rates: XP, SP - x1200, Adena - x1000
    Premium Account: XP, SP - x2400, Adena - x2000
    What is waiting for you on the server:

    Live economy.


    Convenient auction in the game, which will make the game more enjoyable and advanced.
    Ale of Augmented Weapons, Heroism, and Skills Available (Malaria / Flu)
    2 currencies are available: Coin of Luck, Mumij Coin.
    For placing an item at auction will be charged - 1 Mumij Coin.
    Raid Bosses 76:


    Prohibited all heal effects on raid bosses.
    Added announcements about the simple spy rb from level 76 (15 minutes before the rep)
    Revival time - 12-24 hours.
    From all Raid Bosses 76+ drops:
    topls.jpg Top-Grade Life Stone: from 3 to 7, 30% chance
    highls.jpgHigh-Grade Life Stone: from 4 to 10, 40% chance
    codex.jpgGiant's Codex: from 3 to 6, 30% chance
    coinofluck.jpg Mumij Coin: from 15 to 30, 60% chance
    You can teleport to them using Global-GK.
    Noblesse и Sub-Class:

    To get the Nobility you need a sub-class level of 75+ to kill Raid Boss Flame of Splendor Barakiel and Mumij Boss.
    Respub nubl RB 2 hours +/- 30 minutes. No quest. Enough to pump in a sub-class 75+ and come to RB

    Excellent geodata and geo engine that will add comfort to the gameplay.

    It is possible to get a profession through Classmaster NPC.

    Infinite nipples and arrows.

    There are 36 slots available under the buff. Buff duration: 2 hours

    Sharpening: Maximum sharpening on Weapon +20, Armor and Costume Jewelery +16.


    Bank of Mana recovers 1000 MP.

    Unique events - TvT, CTF, DM, LH. For the hero Last Hero 1 day is given heroism. You can also sell heroism in the Auction.

    The best protection against third-party programs!


    The period of the Olympiad is 7 days, battles take place every day from 18:00 to 00:00.
    The issuance of heroism every Monday. To start a classroom battle, you need 5 people, class 6.
    You can go to the Olympiad with reground equipment, but it will give as +6.

    The chance of getting a skill with Top Life Stone is 10%, High Life Stone is 8%.


    The main locations for pharma / pvp Ketra / Varka, Dino drop Adena x2

    In locations Ketra / Varka fall Mumij Coin with a chance of 5%

    Tyrannosaurus Rebirth - 5 minutes

    Drop Chance  topls.jpg Top-Grade Life Stone: 50%




    Additional server commands:

    menu - the main command on our server contains all the basic settings.
    .acp - auto use of cans CP / HP / MP.
    .relog - fast relog to reset FPS cache (does not work during the battle, when using this command - the party is saved)
    .epic - Epic Boss status.
    .repair - will pull out your character if you cannot enter the game.


    When creating a clan gets immediately 8 level.
    Maximum number of people in the clan = 36.
    Maximum number of clans in the alliance = 1.
    All clan members receive all clan skills (regardless of rank).
    Mumij Boss:


    Mumij Boss has been added to the server, read more here.

    Epic Bosses:


    All epics have level 80
    PvP zones are implemented on all epics.
    All epic bosses are tied to evening respawn.
    From the start of the server, all epic bosses are dead
    image.pngMumij Boss every day from 21:00 to 22:00 MSK

    accessory_ring_of_queen_ant_i00_0.pngQueenAnt (80 lvl) every day from 20:00 (GMT +3)

    accessory_ring_of_baium_i00_0.pngBaium (80 lvl) every 5 days from 22:00 (GMT + 3)

    The active time is 120 minutes.
    He falls asleep in 20 minutes.
    accessory_necklace_of_valakas_i00_0.pngValakas (80 lvl) every 11 days from 21:00 (GMT + 3)

    Activity time 120 minutes.
    He falls asleep for 30 minutes.
    It takes 20 minutes.
    accessory_necklace_of_frintessa_i00_0.pngFrintezza (80 lvl) every 2 days from 21:00 (GMT + 3)

    Activity time 60 minutes.
    accessory_earring_of_antaras_i00_0.pngAntharas (80 lvl) every 8 days from 20:00 (GMT + 3)

    Activity time 120 minutes.
    He falls asleep for 30 minutes.
    It takes 30 minutes.
    accessory_earring_of_zaken_i00_0.pngZaken (80lvl) every 2 days from 19:00 (GMT + 3)

    accessory_ring_of_core_i00_0.pngСore (80lvl) every day from 18:00 (GMT + 3)

    accessory_earring_of_orfen_i00_0.pngOrfen (80lvl) every day from 19:00 (GMT + 3)

                                                                                                                     You can see all the information about respawn in the game through the .epic command.



    Chance to drop jewelry with Core and Orfen - 100%

    Added to Drop Core and Orfen:


    Mumij Coin 10-40 WITH CHANCE 50%
    TOP LS 5-10 WITH A CHANCE OF 40%
    HIG LS 5-10 WITH A CHANCE OF 40%

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