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    L2Oblivion.NET Eraborn - No Custom x5000 16.12.2016
    « on: December 12, 2016, 09:16:42 AM »
    L2Oblivion.NET-Interlude Network!
    Eraborn No Custom PvP x5000  starting 16.12.2016 19:00 GMT+2 time!!!
    Client and Platform
    Client - Interlude C6. Server is based on paid for russian L2j platform. Server is secured with SmartGuard which guarantess a full protection. Server uses paid for Geodata and Pathnodes. Server is hosted on a dedicated server with DDoS protection.

    Server Rates
    XP - 5000x
    Party XP - 2x
    SP - 5000x
    Drop - 20x
    Adena - 100x
    Spoil - 1x
    RaidBoss Drop - 10x
    No Custom Item's!

    Enchant Rates
    Max Enchant - +16 (With Crystal Scroll max +21)
    Safe Enchant - +4
    Simple Scroll - 75%
    Blessed Scroll - 95%
    Crystal Scroll - 100%

    Olympiad Information
    Olympiad Starts - 18.00 (GMT+2).
    Olympiad Ends - 24.00 (GMT+2).
    Hero changes every - Sunday 24.00 (GMT+2).
    Hero can be retreived from Monument of Heroes.
    Olympiad Points have to be exchanged on Sundays.

    Additional Information
    Class change - Free/No quest.
    Subclass - No quest
    Starting with - 80lvl
    Buff time - 2 hours
    49 Buff Slots + 6 debuff.
    Main town Giran.
    Fully working Raidbosses.
    Fully working Grandbosses.
    Fully working Offline shops.
    Fully working Sieges.
    Fully working Auto Events.
    Fully working Macro engine (full armor equip).
    Fully working Augmentation.
    Fully working Augmentation skills.
    Max Augmentation skills 1 Passive 1 Active (Chance 9%).
    PvP Zone (Zone Change every 30 min)
    Global Olympiad.
    Scheme buffer
    Ideally balanced classes (done in Olympiad environment).

    Server Commands
    .menu (Server statistics, Premium activation, etc..).
    ALT+B (Server Forum, Vote Panel, Item Search Database)
    Vote system inside game (Vote every 12 hours (ALT+B)

    TvT - Event's
    DM - Event's
    CTF - Event's
    GameMaster's - Event's

    Grand Boss Respawn
    Antharas: Respawn= 3-4 hours +/- 2 Hours
    Valakas: Respawn= 3-4 hours +/- 2 Hours
    Baium: Respawn= 3-4 hours +/- 2 Hours
    Zaken: Respawn= 3-4 hours +/- 2 Hours
    Frintezza: Respawn= 3-4 hours +/- 2 Hours
    Queen Ant: Respawn= 3-4 hours +/- 2 Hours

    GM Shop up to B-Grade (Can be found at GMSHOP npc)
    Noblesse Manager NPC (Can be found in Giran city center)
    Party Teleporter ( Can teleport to special room)
    Clan Manager (possible easy up clan Level's)
    Ranking Npc (Server Top's PvP/Pk etc...)
    Event Shop (Can be found at GMSHOP npc)
    Donation Shop (Can be found in Giran city center)
    Wedding manager
    Buffer + Buff Profiles/Schemes
    Changer (Seperate NPC).
    L2Oblivion.NET-Interlude Network!

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