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L2OFF.GE - Start 16.02, Don't miss OBT event-Become Hero!
« on: February 02, 2018, 11:09:36 PM »
L2OFF.GE - PTS Gracia Epilogue Server
OBT Start - February 1, 20:00, 2018 (GMT+4), OBT End February 14,  20:00
Server Official Start - February 16, 2018, 20:00 (GMT+4)

Our Promo Video:

L2OFF.GE EN - Lineage 2 PTS Gracia Epilogue x55 - YouTube

Basic Rates:
                                                                      Exp: x50
                                                                      SP: x50
                                                                      Adena: x25
                                                                      Drop: х20
                                                                      Spoil: х15
                                                                      Quest Reward: x3 - x6
                                                                      Quest Items: x3 - x6
                                                                      Epaulettes: x15
                                                                      Spam is not allowed Stones: x15
                                                                      Raid Boss: х8

There will be an autoloot on the server.

Mana Potion : 1000 / 15 sec.


Buff slot: 24/12.

There will not be the special buffs.

It will be free for lvl 1-55, for 55-85 lvl - 11–13k adena. Buff profile price 100k adena.

Traze Zone:

Trade zone will be in Giran - tax will be 10%, and on other territories - 20%.

Offline trade will be avaliable from lvl 1.

Window: No limit.

99% retail chronicle adaptation!

Weight Limit and Inventory:

The weight limit is increased and the number of inventories up to 104.

Server description can be changed periodically, Please follow current topic for any updates.

During the OBT Olympiad will be activated, also you can buy sub class and nobless too, which will allow you to participate in the Olymp.
Olympiad duration is 1 week and will be held between 2-8 February, every one who will became hero during this period, will be rewarded with 500 L2OFF.GE Coin.
This will also allow players to test olympiad system and make sure that everything is working properly.

• Matches will be held only in non-class.

• Minimum required players are 5.

• When you will become hero, you should register on our forum and make post with a hero character's photo, otherwise you will not get any rewards. You must post it in General Section.

More details about the server you can find on our forum.

Good luck and have a nice game!

Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=28118.0
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