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    [L2OFF-IL]L2 WoE No costum
    « on: June 27, 2015, 01:34:44 PM »
    We would like to announce start of War of elements project. This project will run as midrate Interlude server.
    Server Start: ~First week of July~
    What can you expect from this project?
    Our server is NOT based on usually used "downloaded" java files. We are using our own core that was in development for many months and that can provide you absolutelly fluent gameplay without any delays and lags. We focused on retail like gaming and improved by pvp aspects so players will be able to enjoy gameplay as it is possible.
    Our staff can provide you 24/7 support (ingame, email, skype) and kindly solve any kind of problem, suggestion you can imagine. Server also has comercial Geodats in various types, so in case of any problems we can swtich them to better one in few minutes.
    We use dedicated server machine with 1Gbp/s connection and unlimited Ddos traffic protection, that guarantee no attackers and fluent gameplay for you.
    Exp / SP = 70x
    PartyXp = 1.5
    Adena = 80x
    Drop = 20x
    Spoil = 25x
    Quest = 10x
    Manor = 1x
    Rb drop = 10x
    Grandboss drop = 1x
    L2OFF geoengine + geodata
    NPC GM Shop
        - N grade to B grade
        - (A/S grade is craftable)
        - Mats / Recipes shop
    NPC Buffer + VIP Buffer
        Scheme buffer
            - Bufftime 2 Hrs (pet buffs 5mins)
            - 20+4 Buffslots
            - autolearn (not divine inspiration)
            - spellbooks drop - deleted*
            - low grade keys deleted *
    NPC Delevel (blocks skills that are not propriete for current level)
    NPC Password Changer
    NPC Wedding manager
    NPC Nickname+title color manager
    NPC Auction Item Manager
    NPC Clan reputation manager
    NPC CastleManager - all castles registrations in one
    PTS geoengine system
    Olympiad challenge system - looser gets recommends, heroes can buy donate coins
    Special Doubled Bot protection
    Clan leader cna set priviliges to withdraw from CWH (only for selected members)
    Automatic Events (~15 events)
    L2OFF Events
    Special NOTrade zones - noone is able to trade near GK
    Special Community Board
    Champions system
    Buffsell system
    Weight limit Increased*
    Subclass - free
    Nobless* - Caradine letter lvl 65 (adena + MSS) - you have to kill the barakiel
    Safe +3 (fullparts +4)
    Max +16
    Chance normal 55%
    Chance blessed 60%
       - Zero hour reward 2x
       - Toi Quest rates  -  increased drop
       - Giants Cave quest - increased drop
    Voting system:
       - Hopzone, Topzone, AutoReward systems
       - Every 5 votes = 5 Special Reward Chest (random reward)
       - Champion Medals can be traded for Special Reward Chests (random reward).
    Lifestones - Dropable from Tyrannos
       - 1+1 augments (1active + 1passive / 1 chance)
       - Nuker augements - 3 sec  Reuse
       - Chances: No grade: 3 %, Mid grade: 5 %, High grade: 10 %, Top grade stone:  15 %
    Raid Bosses:
       - Classic Raidbosses respawn - 20-24 hrs
       - Barakiel respawn - 5-6Hrs (75lvl)
    Retail like - no more bugging Baium, Zaken, QA, no java like bugs
    POLL - spawntimes retail like or Customized as follow:
    Core 20+1
    Queen Ant 22+2 (Characters 49+ lvl cant across the river)
    Orfen 26+2
    Zaken 40+4
    Frintezza 48+6
    Baium 72+3
    Antharas 96+3
    Valakas 108+3
    .menu - improved character settings
    .buffmenu - you can disable unwanted active buffs
    .blockbuff - turn on buff protection shield.
    .droplist - you can check npc droplist (or shift +target)
    .reportbot - you can report bot in to GMs*(more info in Forum)
    Around 50 commands

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=23836.0