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    First Interlude L2Off server with Hellbound Island!

    Grand Opening: 11/Mar/2016 at 18:00 GMT +1

    Clan Bonus : Click Here!

    Exp : 30x
    SP : 30x
    Adena : 20x
    Drop : 12x
    Spoil : 12x

    Enchant Rate
    Normal Enchant rate : 50%
    Blessed Enchant rate : 55%
    Top Grade Lifestone rate : 15%
    Max Weapon enchant : +16
    Max Armor enchant : +12

    Npc Buffer with all necesary buffs.
    Global Gatekeeper that contains the most needed locations.
    Hellbound Island Gatekeeper.
    Hellbound Native's.
    Delevel manager.
    Hellbound Gatekeepers.
    Nobless & Subclass manager.
    Elizabeth - Lady of Hellbound (Dynasty Quest)
    Custom Hellbound Island NPCs with custom quests and much more!
    Class manager.
    Misc Shop with all needed consumables.
    Gear Shop - where you can buy D C B A weapons/armors/jewels.
    Special Shop - unseal S gread armors/jewels, add S grade SA to Weapons, add or remove remove agumentation, S grade recipes 100% success

    Hellbound Island
    We have added Hellbound Island to Interlude for a brand new and unique experience.
    Only players level 76 and above can enter with a Day, Week or Monthly pass.
    Custom Quests for Dynasty Armor.
    Custom Quest to enter Steel Citadel.
    Custom Raid Bosses with 24h respawn.
    Farming area inside Steel Citadel with Raid Boss.
    Unique mats and farming items.

    Farming Zones & Style
    Our farming system is fresh and brand NEW!
    Hellbound Island is a custom farming zone, for level 76 and above players.
    Hellbound Day pass, Week pass and Monthly pass can be bought at Hellbound Gatekeepr in Giran.
    S grade Hellbound Island farming system.
    Dyansty Armor farming system for Hellbound Island.
    Dynasty Armor upgrades!
    Crystal fragments & Hellbound crystal farming system.
    Easy and fun new quests have been added to the farming system.
    Hellbound Quest farming system (Fun & Easy).

    All bosses are level 80!
    Barakiel : 4h
    Antharas : 96h +/- 1h
    Valakas : 96h +/- 1h
    Baium : 72h +/- 1h
    Ant Queen : 48h +/- 1h
    Core : 24h +/- 1h
    Orfen : 24h +/- 1h
    Zaken : 72h +/- 1h
    Frintezza : 96h +/- 1h
    Hellbound Island Raid Bosses : 24h

    Subclass & Nobless
    Free and Instant Subclass.
    Esay and fast Nobless, talk to Caradine, and shortly after kill Barakiel.

    New Charachters
    All new characters start with Top NO Grade gear.

    All buffs are 2h.
    Spawn protection.
    Stable L2OFF files.
    Balanced economy.
    Stable Server.
    20 (+4 Divine Inspiration) Buff slots.

    Intel Xeon E3 1230 3,2Ghz.
    32Gb DDR4.
    4x 480 SSD, Raid 10.
    1Gbit Dedicated connection.
    DDoS Protection from Voxility up to 480Gb/s and 700.000.000 PPS
    Our Dedicated Server is located in Rotterdam, Netherlands (NL).
    Low Global PING!

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=25525.0
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