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    [L2OFF] Interlude | Low Rates x5 | BloodBros | October 29
    « on: September 27, 2016, 02:23:35 PM »
    Promo Video :https://youtu.be/5tuP7ognhjw

    We are proud to announce that we are bringing back our wonderful and grand 5x low rates server.
    As always, we are keeping our tradition with no p2w and no bots. We want to offer you our mature and friendly community with fun and unforgettable gameplay, which would remind you of good old times.
    We are planning to launch our server on 29/10/2016. The beta will start next week, so be ready for some testing.
    Gather your friends, sharpen your blades and minds for this amazing adventure.

    BloodBros | Low Rates Interlude

    You can read “About Us” here, there is everything you need to know: BloodBros | Low Rates Interlude » About Us

    Main Information:
    Server Platform: L2OFF
    Server Chronicle: Interlude (c6)
    Start: 2016/October/29 16:00:01

    Game Rates:
    * XP/SP/Adena/Drop/Spoil (Chance): x5
    * Materials amount rate: x2
    * Manor Drop: Retail

    Quest Rates:
    * XP/SP Reward: x5
    * Item/Adena Reward: x1/x5
    * Seven Signs XP/SP Reward: x5
    * Quest Item Drop Rate: x1
    * Quest Materials rewards: x1
    Retail enchants, safe +3 / +4 one-piece armor, max +20.

    Newbie gun Cat
    Cursed swords (Akamanah & Zariche) disabled in first two weeks
    Increased item give rates for vital quests: x2
    Offline shop

    Dual boxing policy:
    One box and two offline shop allowed at the same time.
    That means you can play with your main account, one extra box (eg a buffer) and have two offline shop in-game.

    Gameplay Security:
    * Anti-Bot System.
    * Anti-Dupe Protections.
    * Anti-Exploit Protections.
    * Anti-DDOS System [Protects Against Massive Socket Flooding].

    Custom Addons:
    Service NPC (Class Change/Hair potions/Accessories)

    Automated Events:
    * Standard Retail events every few months.

    FB Page: Je browser bijwerken | Facebook

    Website: BloodBros | Low Rates Interlude

    Giran CameraMan: Twitch

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=26518.0
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