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[L2OFF] Interlude Zeylia 20x START 11.03.2017!
« on: March 03, 2017, 07:31:58 AM »

Zeylia is a mid rate L2OFF server, the XP rate is 20x. More detailed information about the rates can be found on forums. Zeylia is classic and retail-like gameplay Interlude server with minor changes and additions in order to give the player best PvP and PvE experience. Regardless the play style, Zeylia offers you the true Lineage 2 experience, whenever you are solo or a team player. You love conquering the Olympiad? Or your thrill is Raid Boss hunting? Then Zeylia is just for you!

Join us now on webchat Illicit Awakening

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Autolearn skills: Yes
Autoloot drops: No
Mana Potions added
Buff slots: 26
Increased Weightlimit
Starter package: TOP-NG equipment
Cursed Weapons: Demonic Sword Zariche

Skills and Buff Time Changes

Buff times were increased, this includes dances and songs, in order to enhance the gameplay and let players enjoy their current adventures for a longer time than 20 minutes.

Drops, Materials and Crafting

One of the major changes on drops and materials is removal of "lower-than-S-grade-tier" materials. This means, all materials which are not included in any of S grade weapon, armor, jewellery recipe will no longer be available. As a result, the remaining craftable items are S Grade weapons, armor sets and jewellery.

Changes on NPCs

There are no changes on retail Interlude NPCs. Additional Custom NPCs, such as Weapon, Armor etc. shops, were added to most of the towns and castle towns. Class Changer, changing your occupation for a certain amount of Adena was added. Following, NPC Buffer which provides basic buffs, such as Prophet, Elven Elder, Shillien Elder second profession buffs was added to every town, excluding starting villages. Subclass Master was added which helps you to skip the subclass quest for 50mil Adena.
You can buy Non, D, C, B, A grades at shop.
Soulshots/spiritshots/arrows added to Misc Shop.
All misc items such as penalty scrolls, cursed bones, dualsword craft stamp etc added to Misc Shop.
Soul Crystals added to shop.
Material Recipes added to Mammon Trader.
Mammon Trader added to Giran and Aden castle towns.

Respawn Times of REGULAR bosses

8 hours +/- 2 hours including:
Varka's Hero Shadith and Ketra's Hero Hekaton

Respawn Times of EPIC bosses

Queen Ant: 24 hours +/- 2 hours
Core: 36 hours +/- 2 hours
Orfen: 36 hours +/- 2 hours
Zaken: 48 hours +/- 2 hours
Frintezza: 48 hours +/- 2 hours
Baium: 5 days +/- 2 hours
Antharas: 8 days+/- 2 hours
Valakas: 11 days +/- 2 hours

Olympiad, Castle Sieges and Seven Signs

As a mid rate server, the Olympiad, Castle Sieges and Seven Signs remain retail like. More information can be found on forums..

Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=27162.0
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Re: [L2OFF] Interlude Zeylia 20x START 11.03.2017!
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2017, 07:58:40 PM »
All download and registration are up now!!!

Join us now on Zeylia by Illicit Awakening

Make sure you have everything ready for an opening day!!!

If you have any problems you are welcome to join our mirc channel #ia or join webchat and seek live support!

Thanks for choosing L2 Zeylia, thanks for choosing iAGaming!

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Re: [L2OFF] Interlude Zeylia 20x START 11.03.2017!
« Reply #2 on: March 11, 2017, 10:39:33 AM »
SERVER IS ON IN 20 MINUTES!!! JOIN NOW Zeylia by Illicit Awakening

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