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    [L2Off] L2 Rebirth 75x
    « on: October 03, 2015, 03:01:10 PM »
    LineageII - Rebirth - GRAND OPENING 17/10/2015 19:00H GMT-3
    Server Chronicles:
    - Chronicle: Interlude (C6) - L2OFF (Oficial Files)
    - No Custom - Craft Itens S
    XP/SP: 75x
    Adena: 100x
    Spoil: 25x
    Quest: 50x
    Normal Enchant Scroll: 45%
    Blessed Enchant Scroll: 55%
    Shopping Itens:
    D,C,B Grade for Adena
    A Grade for Ancient Adena
    S Grade for Craft Recipe Custom
    Quest Facility Shopping
    Donate Automatic System
    Olympiad 30/30 Days
    Buffs 3Hours / 24+4 Slots
    Sieges Awarded Weekly (7 Days)
    Event System:
    - Olympiad : Ative
    - Manor : Ative
    - Seven Sings: Ative
    Automatic Event: Team vs Team
    Sub-Classe Quest: Free
    Noblesse Quest: Retail
    Rate Drops:
    Normal Drop Farm: 1x
    Spoil: 2x
    Choatic Zone: 3x
    Medium Farm Zones:
    - Ketra Orc, Varkas Silenos
    Choatic Zones:
    - All Epic Grand Boss On Enter Choatic Zone
    - RaidBoss Ketra Ork,Varkas Silenos on Enter Choatic Zone
    - Bosses: Official Spawn - Barakiel, Queen Ant, Zaken, Core, Orfen Choatic Zone Lvl 80
    Hard Party Farm Zones:
    - Forge of the Gods Choatic Zone
    Website:   www.l2rebirth.com

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=24503.0

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