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    [L2OFF] L2AfterLife 3x Open 23/05/2020
    « on: April 22, 2020, 07:09:30 PM »


    18:00 GMT+1


    Forum: https://forum.l2afterlife.com/
    Discord: https://discord.gg/UFtQZtu

    In brief, this will be a new journey for both us – AfterLife has never released a low rate. Our goal will be to maintain the integrity of the low rate game play and offer to the players 100% retail quality, or at least as much as we can deliver. We want to give you a long lasting server that provides you with the nostalgia of Lineage 2.

    The forums will remain open for discussion. We will begin advertising for a preliminary interest of players.

    How will the world be?

    That is for you to decide.

    3x XP / SP
    2x Drop
    2x Adena
    1x Quest
    2x Spoil
    1x Manor
    +3 Safe Enchant

    Interlude L2OFF - Offical Files

    Dualbox - 2 game instances per HWID
    Skills Requiring Spellbooks & SP
    Retail Buff Slots (20 + 4)
    Retail Buff Duration
    Retail Class Transfer Quests
    Shop Offline (1 adena at NPC Donate)
    Retail Geodata and Pathnodes
    Retail Olimpiad (1 Month)
    Retail Castle Sieges (2 Weeks)
    Trainees Weapons at Start Villages (Cat NPC)
    Shadow Coupons D and C grade (Masters NPC's)
    Shadow C and B Grade at Weapons Shops

    Raid Bosses - 12h-36 hours
    Sub-Class Raid Bosses - 22-26 hours
    Noblesse Raid Boss - 22-26 hours

    Queen Ant - 22-26 hours
    Orfen - 34-38 hours
    Core - 34-38 hours
    Zaken - 46-50 hours
    Baium - 118-122 hours
    Antharas - 190-194 hours
    Frintezza - 46-50 hours
    Valakas - 262-266 hours

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=29581.0
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