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    [L2OFF] L2Ark Interlude 9999x
    « on: November 11, 2015, 03:57:32 AM »
    We've noticed that a lot of players are now a days just looking for a high rate server to PvP and kill off some time during the weekends.
    And as we have more resources (servers) than we need right now, we figured we'd quickly launch another L2OFF Interlude server.
    As we already have a 35x Interlude server, launching this type of high rate server won't take us long.
    This does not mean that we are closing our 35x Interlude server, it simply means that we are adding another realm.
    For more information click here.
    This will be a server that completely focuses on PvP, simplicity and fun!
    Interlude (L2OFF)
    XP - 9999x
    SP - 9999x
    Adena - 9999x
    Safe Enchant: +3 (+4 Full)
    Max Enchant Weapons: +16
    Max Enchant Armors: +16
    PvP Reward
    Each PvP kill will reward you with 1 medal.
    Collect medals and trade them in the medal shop.
    Vote Reward
    Voting for the server will reward you with Medals
    No custom weapons or armors
    Customized weapons or armors that has custom stats will never be a thing at L2 Ark.
    Primeval Isle
    Mobs in Primeval Isle drops Medal Shards, collect them and trade for Medals at the Medal Shop
    Raid Tokens
    Raid Bosses that are level 76 or higher will drop Raid Tokens, trade them for Medals at the Medal Shop
    NPC Buffer
    Providing 1 hour buffs/dances/songs as well as 3rd class & Pet buffs
    GM Shop
    Providing weapons, armors, jewelry, miscellaneous
    Medal Shop
    Providing Accessories, Pets, Lifestones, Book of Giants, Rare Enchant Scrolls, Rare Lifestones,  Boss jewelry and more!
    Both automatic and GM events.
    Sieges every Saturday.
    Olympiad will be as retail, every month.
    Bot Protection
    Since BlackWatch is installed on our 35x, this 9999x server will have it as well.
    Not that it really is required for a 9999x server.
    Server Environment
    This server is hosted in the same data center as our 35x.
    Which means lag free and with DDoS protection.
    We haven't set a launch date for the opening of this high rate server.
    We estimate though that it will only take about 5-10 hours for our developer to set this up, especially when we already got 90% of it ready to go.
    So hopefully we can have it up and running for this weekend!
    You might notice that this is a server some would class as "For shits and giggles".
    That is exactly what we want this server to be.
    Just a place for players to have some fun for a couple of hours during the weekends.
    For more information please visit:
    Our L2 Website
    Our L2 Forum
    Our L2 Facebook Page

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