Author Topic: [L2OFF] L2Citadel 15x Hellbound | Opens June 26th  (Read 1248 times)

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    [L2OFF] L2Citadel 15x Hellbound | Opens June 26th
    « on: June 08, 2015, 10:47:49 AM »

    15x Hellbound Rates & Features

    XP: 15x
    QUEST XP: 5x
    SP: 15x
    ADENA: 15x
    DROP: 15x
    Materials: 10x amount, 1x chance
    Others: 10x chance, 1x amount
    More info here: http://l2citadel.com/forums/topic/1048-how-do-spoils-work-here/
    Party exp: retail (from 30 to 72%)
    Fishing: x2 Proof of catching a Fish rewards
    Platform: The only full Hellbound [OFF] files in the L2 private server world.

    Server time zone/Location: Western Europe (GMT+1 / France)

    Unique account panel with access to ingame data!
    Cursed swords (Akamanah & Zariche) disabled in first week
    Increased rates for vital quests
    Custom AntiBot (BlackWatch) blocks all known bots (special surprise for Adrenaline users)
    Epic raidbosses random spawn window reduced to 4 hours max
    Subclass & noblesse raids random spawn window reduced to 4 hours max
    Offline shop (free - use ".offlineshop" while in shop mode to activate)
    Epic zones are combat zones.

    24+4 buffslots and triggers on a separate bar (more info here: http://l2citadel.com/forums/topic/1344-how-does-the-buff-system-work-here/)

    Dual Boxing Policy

    We allow each player to play with his main account and one extra 'box' at the same time.
    This means that the maximum amount of characters that can be in game from one computer at the same time is limited to two.

    We are aware that all dualbox protections can be circumvented by the use of multiple pc's. Be aware however that the restrictions above are restrictions by player. Players caught with more then the allowed maximum of clients ingame risk getting all accounts involved blocked.

    Hardware & infrastructure
    CPU: Intel Xeon E5-1620v2
    Cores/threads: 4/8t
    Frequency/burst: 3,7 GHz+/3,9 GHz+
    Intel Smart Cache: 10 MB
    RAM: 64 GB DDR3 ECC 1600MHz
    Disks: 2x 2 TB SATA3 + 3x160GB SSD
    Backups: Fully automated and redundant backup system. Databases are backed up every 15 minutes and automatically stored on server and in 2 different remote servers.

    Network: 1 Gbps (OVH Data center, France)

    Anti ddos protection (professional) up to 500 Gbps! (Read more)

    2 events running at server start:

    1. Gatekeeper Event
    2. Medal Event
    3. Redeye Round 2! >> Read More: http://l2citadel.com/forums/topic/2979-redeye-round-2/

    2k~ expected for opening.


    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=23705.0

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