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    [L2OFF] L2Gold.in
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    Rates: XP 45x / SP 45x / Party XP/SP 1.5x / Adena 45x.
    Server: C4 server played via Interlude Client. Retail server with custom modifications.
    Gameplay: No weight limit, buffs 1h,dyes are disabled, rebirth system, no class change quests and increased movement speed on all classes.

    Rebirth System
    When a character becomes level 78, he can go to the rebirth manager located in Aden and Giran.
    If you click on the rebirth manager and choose to rebirth then your character will be reset to level 1, with this you will also lose your normal skills (not your gained rebirth skills).
    When you have done a rebirth, you will receive a Book of Rebirth. To gain a rebirth skill you must visit your skill trainer witch can be found in most towns.
    The skill trainer will take 1 Rebirth Book per chosen skill. Be careful when choosing your rebirth skills because once chosen they cannot be changed!
    You can only rebirth 3 times!
    Also you can change Rebirth, just need to press Reset Rebirth Skill and you take back Books!

    L2Gold has it's own noblesse system. Once you have completed 3 rebirths you need to collect various items from the following raid bosses in order to become a Noblesse.
    Once you've collected all the items and your character is lvl78, you can go to the Noblesse NPC ''Eddy Wally'' who's located on the stairs in Aden Town, and become a Noblesse.
    Death Lord Hallate
    Longhorn Golkonda
    Shilen's Messenger Cabrio

    Offline Shops
    With this function its possible to create a priviate store and leave 48 hours without leaving the computer on.
    To use it is very easy, just create the private store and press exit game.
    After pressing the button it will close your game and your shop/private store will remain online until the moment you login to your account again.
    You can set your shop/private store only in Giran Harbor!

    AIO NPC Buffer
    There is a support buffer spawned in every important town.
    The buffs last for 1hour and are free of charge.

    Third Job Change
    As soon as your character is lvl76 or above, you are able to do the 3rd occupation change.
    This can be done at the NPC job changer ''Carola'' who stands next to the church entrance in Aden Castle Town and Giran Castle Town.
    Now you can change even your 1st and 2nd class.

    Birth-- New character
    A new character will spawn in the basement of Ivory Tower. Here you can buff yourself up and you're good to go! The new character will start with all the needed items.

    Boosted Summoners & Buffers-- Classes
    In order to give buffer classes such as prophets, bladedancers and swordsingers a fair chance to participate in pvp action, they have been given a special boost. All these classes will receive higher level skills which they can buff on themself only. e.g.: A prophet will get might3, shield3, windwalk3, haste3, etc. All these summoners will receive 15 more pet-buffs, such as might, haste, mental shield, etc.

    Low lvl Protectors
    All the low lvl zones up to lvl60 are protected by our low lvl zone guards. These guards kill red players in order to give new and low lvl players a fair chance to train up to a decent lvl.

    The olympiad system is retail like, except item restriction, you can't join with s-grade. All the npcs are located in Heine.

    Castle/Clan Hall Manager/Shop
    If you are a member of a clan that owns the Castle/Clan Hall, you have some benefits. Custom teleports, special shop can be found in Bandit Stronghold. The items are a little cheaper there and other items that can be found only there.

    Misc Shop
    All consumables are buyable from Harvana.

    Armor & Jewelry Shop
    You can use your adena to get D, C and B Grade from Meredion.

    Weapon Shop
    You can use your adena to get D, C, B and A Grade(without SA) from Albert.
    C Grade SA C grade weapons with Special Ability have been added to the mantra manager. In order to put an SA on the desired weapon you need a certain amount of animal bones.

    Craftable S Grade SA
    Special Abilities on S grade weapons can be obtained through craft. The recipes you need are dropped from mobs in Imperial Tomb and Elven Ruins. You will need a Warsmith/Maestro lvl 78 with create lvl 8 in order to use the recipes.

    Materials & Recipes by Spoil
    Materials, S grade SA recipes, adenas and mantras are now also collectable through spoil.

    Mantra Drops
    Mantras are needed for weapons/armors A grade and above and for . These mantra drops are now categorized by mob levels.

    GM NPC's
    The gm shops and teleporters are custom modded with an easy layout, S-grade can be obtained at the mantra manager.

    Event Shop
    Events prize are Event Medals, so you can choose whatever you want from Dianne.

    Raid Bosses
    A lot of raid bosses have been added! These can be found at their original spawn points. Keep in mind that only the raid bosses of lvl76 and above have been added (Apart from the Ant Queen, Core and Orfen).

    Custom L2Gold Items
    There is some custom Boss jewels that you can collect from the corresponding Boss. There is also custom Weapons and Shields. L2Gold Weapons and Shields can be dropped by different Raidbosses, except from the Crown Bosses.

    S Grade Weapons and Special Abilities
    There is several ways of getting S Grade Weapons. You can either kill Raidbosses or you can farm Fire mantras. All Raidbosses drop S Grade Weapons with special ability. One place, of several, to farm Fire mantras is Elven Ruins. You need 300 Fire mantras and some adena to buy a S Grade Weapon from the Mantra Manager.

    S Grade Armors and Apella
    At L2Gold you can get an advantage in pvp by Refining your armors and your jewels. What is Refine you ask? Well, let me tell you. You start of by buying S Grade Armor of your choice from the Mantra Manager. The armor starts at 50% and can be upgraded all the way to 100%, by 5% at each upgrade. You need different items to upgrade your armors and your jewels. The higher % you have, the more items you will need for the next upgrade. Once you reach 100%, you can transform your armor into Apella.
    Here is some good things to know of Refining:
    The whole set needs to be the same % if you want to have the Set Bonus. You cannot fail when you Refine. The enchantments stay the same once you Refine your items. The heavy sets upper & lower body needs to be the same enchantment and both pieces needs to be 100% before you can transform it into Apella Heavy main.

    more informations about server at forum  www.l2gold.in/forum

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=24964.0