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    [L2OFF] L2SoulsLegion Interlude
    « on: November 23, 2015, 12:32:12 PM »
    Lineage 2 SoulsLegion START  2015-11-28 17:00 +2GMT !!


    Added all grade items
    Dressme command .dressme (a lot of different looks make game even nicer)
    Special Christmas event
    Special Christmas event drop
    Special Christmas items
    Redesigned Olympiad
    Fixed MultiZone bug
    Automatic Giran castle siege every Wednesday, Saturday 20h GTM +2
    Fixed Giran caslte crowns stats
    Fixed Dominator, all mage classes
    Fixed vote reward manager
    All L2SoulsLegion server ready for Christmas celebration
    And other small fixes
    RATES :
    XP – x5000
    SP – x5000
    Adena – x8000
    Drop – x2
    Enchant Max = +25 .
    Enchant Safe = +5 .
    Simple Enchant Rates = 85% .
    Bessed Enchant Rates = 95% .

    CLIENT - Interlude.
    Custom Items.
    GM shop.
    Augmentacion. (NO AUGMENT LIMIT)
    Duel system.
    Interlude skill (100%).
    Prof changer.
    Sub classes without quest.
    Nobless without quest.
    Npc Buffer.
    Scheme Buffer.
    Buff time 22 hours.
    Dusk weapons.
    Aion weapons.
    Dynasty armors.
    Ixion armors.
    All armor stat same
    Aksesuars with status
    Tattoo with status.
    Custom zones.

    Automatic Giran castle siege every Wednesday, Saturday 20h GTM +2.
    Olympiad time [18:00-22.00] hero changed Sunday [22:00] GTM +2

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=24920.0

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