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    --------------- L2Teardrop Stack Subclass Server 1+1 (C6 - 35x Rate) ----------------------

    Server Information

    Server Rate:

    XP 35x / Drop 35x / Spoil 35x

    Quest 1x / Epic Boss drop 1x


    Enchant Settings:

    Save Enchant +3 Fullbody +4

    Maximum Enchant +16

    Chance to success enchant 66%

    Special colored Enchant system


    Stack Subclass System:

    Unique Stack Subclass Quest

    (3 lvl of friendship Varka or Ketra + Kill one of 3 special RB)

    Stack subclass only to same race (only dwarves can cross-subclass)
    Balanced classes (No overpowered stacking combinations)
    Tyrant Skills works only with fists.
    Stack Subclass and Subclass cannot be changed


    In Giran + Newbie zones are schema NPC Buffers (45 minutes buff time - fullbuff)

    Dances & Songs are for 45 minutes in schema NPC BUFFER

    Buffs from players SE,EE,WC,OL,PP,BD,SWS,... are for 2 hours

    Possible enchant buffs from players up to 3,5 hours

    Maximum buff slot are 36 buffs


    Unique Features

    Mr. Cat is in Gludio, Dion and Giran (1st, 2nd and 3rd class Transfer)

    Offline shop

    Teleport to Primeval Island from Rune Castle Town by standard GK

    Mana and Greater Mana Potions in Luxury Shop

    Delevel NPC in Giran

    Special Events (Squash, Medail, FireWork, …)
    SSD,SSC,BSSD,BSSC in Luxury Shop or in Grimli shop

    All spellbooks to levl 76 in Luxury Shop

    Complete C grade sets in Luxury Shop or in Grimli shop

    Dualbox – 3 windows limited
    Spawn protection

    Stabile TvT Event

    C, B grade items as reward for TvT Event

    All Shots as reward for TvT Event

    Skill of Escape (special skill for return to nearest village) - cast time 40 seconds

    Gemstones C, B, A, S grade in Grocery Store

    Stronger Clan Skills P.att,P.deff,Max CP,Max HP,M.att

    Apella Set have more maximum CP

    From Newbie Zones cheap ports to Giran

    GM Online Every day

    All RB 40 - 87 level have special chance 95% to drop 1x Raid Heart

    Four Sepulchers Raid Bosses have 95% chance to drop 1-2x Raid Heart

    Raid Bosses Gordon, Soul of Fire Nastron,Soul of Water Ashutar have 95% to drop 1-2x Raid Heart

    All T-Rex's on PI drop Raid Skull and TOP LS 76

    Warrior Monks in Monastery of Silence are stronger and have added drop Raid Skull

    All RB 40 - 87 level are balanced for no solo killers (to RB kill need group of players)

    All Spellbooks for 76-80 level skills are deleted from drop list of all mosnters

    For learn active skills 76-80 level you need items from TvT Event + Adena + Raid Skull

    Autolearn skill for all characters on 1-40 level

    Added to special NPC in Giran with unique Dynasty Sets (Heavy, Light, Robe)

    Added to special NPC in Giran with unique Dynasty Weapons

     Added to special NPC in Giran with unique Vesper Orange sets (Heavy, Light, Robe)

    Added to special NPC in Giran with unique Vesper Orange Weapons

    Added to special NPC in Giran with unique Vesper Orange Helmets

    Added to special NPC in Giran with unique Dynasty Cloak

    Blacksmith of Mammon & Merchant are spawned in Giran

     A-Grade Armor sets recipe are in TvT Rewards

    Daggers are possible change to Offhand Dagger in Giran

    You now can see remaining time to refres used skills

    Anti-buff skill automaticly learned by create character.

    Special NPC Grimli sell Armors D,C,B, Weapons D,C,B, Recipes A grade, all shots, Mana pots, Enchants D,C,B,A,S and many other items.

    Special Zones - Monastery of Silence and Primeval Island - port from Gate Keeper

    Belial monsters in Demonic Zone drops Golden Coin

    Baium crystal srage up to 13 lvl

    Special Raid Boss Event Manger in Giran

    PvP Colored title system

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=23664.0

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