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    [L2OFF] Lineage 2 Golden Age - Epilogue x20
    « on: May 25, 2016, 04:18:06 AM »

    Lineage 2 Golden Age team would like to introduce their server designed for more old school players. We don't aim a huge community, just a nice place for everyone who want to play peacefully and progressing step by step.
    Our server is mainly French oriented but we are ready to allow international players to come and play here by translating everything needed into English language, plus our team is english speaker.

    We are opened since one month but the max gear is still S-Grade only, so it's still the good time to join in combination with our "new players starter pack".

    ~ Starter Pack:
    - Fighter/Mage No-Grade Weapon
    - 2000x Soulshot/Spiritshot No-Grade
    - D-Grade Shadow Amor Sets (Heavy, Light, Robe)
    - 3000x Soulshot/Spiritshot D-Grade
    - 7 Days - Horse
    - XP/SP is boosted for low level players: rates are x30 till level 40 and x24 between level 40 and 52.


    Our server is running on a OFFICIAL platform (L2OFF) with Epilogue Chronicle allowing us to offer a very high quality, authentical and unique gaming experience.


    Protection is implemented on our server to ensure you play in an environment safe from cheaters: clicker, spammers and botters !

    Gameplay Upgrade:

    In order to increase the life of our server and to allow our players to constantly have a goal to achieve over the long term, we will make some small gameplay changes over time.

    Currently, you have access only to Dynasty via Hellbound since quests introduced in Epilogue will initially be disabled.
    To unlock Hellbound you've to defeat Baylor !

    Obtaining S Grade stuff has been greatly facilitated through increase in the drop rate of quest items in order to give an interest to this equipment.


    XP: x20    SP: x20    Adena: x20    Drop: x7    Spoil: x10


    We made increases on quests to give you a more enjoyable gaming experience. The changes is related to the reward or the amount of Quest Item dropped.

    Pailaka: Reward x2    
    Seven Signs: Reward x2    
    Pagan Temple: Drop Quantity x2    
    Blank Scrolls: Drop Quantity x3    
    Dimensional Fragment: Drop Quantity x3    
    Reagent Pouch: Drop Quantity x3
    Ketra/Varka: Drop Quantity x6    
    Imperial Tomb: Drop Quantity x6    
    Hot Spring: Drop Quantity x6
    Forge of the Gods: Drop Quantity x6    
    Stakato's Nest : Drop Quantity x2    

    The following Epilogue Zone Quests are currently disabled for further gameplay upgrade:

    Giant Cave
    Field of Whispers
    Field of Silence
    Den of Evil
    Mithril Mines
    Crypts of Disgrace
    Primeval Isle

    Hellbound and Crystal Cavern are the main way for obtaining Dynasty.



    Buff Slots: Retail
    Buff Time: Retail
    Autoloot: Activated
    Classes: NPC "Destiny Master"
    Subclass: NPC "Destiny Master"
    Nobless: Quest
    Olympiad: 20h00-00h00
    Newbie Guide: No level restriction - buffs available till level 85
    Offline Shop: Activated (set your shop and click on Adena in your inventory)
    Shout Chat ("!" orange) is Global, all over the server.
    GMShop: available in Giran place, it's an extension of Luxury Shop by selling Clean Top B and Low A equipments - Soul Crystal 10-12.

    Voting for our server using our website and being connected to your account will allow you to be rewarded with "Golden Coin". Those coins can be exchanged for potions, scrolls, accessories, pets, vitality items at NPC "Emilia" in Giran.

    Website: www.l2goldenage.eu

    Feel free to join and play in a long term server, our staff will be ready to receive you in the best way possible: don't hesitate to talk to them in English..

    See you in game ! ;)

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