Author Topic: [L2Off]L2Gold Second Server C6 x90 - Rush 10/01/16 Today Starting at 20:00  (Read 1361 times)

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    New server will open this Sunday (10/1/2015).
    It will be an exact copy of L2Gold.
    All updates will be done to both servers at the same time.
    Both Servers will be on the same login server that means you will be able to use your old accounts (if you have any ofc you wont have your chars on the new server).
    In order to log in you will need to use the same updater you use to log on L2Gold.
    *Download it from Here: http://l2gold.in/download.html

    Server will Be C6 off x90,
    - NPC buffers,.
    - Custom Shops.
    - With rebirth (no subclass quest needed).
    - Custom Noblesse quest(You just have to collect 4 items from 4 different raid bosses).
    - L2Gold weapons,
    - Apella and Ancient Apella armors.
    - Custom Raid boss jewels.
    - Decreased respawn on Raidbosses.
    >>note: you can buy 60% S grade armors directly from shop.
    - Squash Event ( it's an extremely fast exp/farm event ).
    - PvP Award System.
    - Unique TvT Event.
    - Unique Automatic PvP Event at "Element Arenas"
    - Rune Castle added for sieges on C6!!!
    - Balanced ALL Classes!
    - Unique Olympiad System.
    and LOTS OF FUN!

    Check the Updates at  www.L2Gold.in

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=25183.0

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