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    L2Perseus Interlude Custom Server
    « on: January 29, 2017, 03:28:32 PM »
    17 February, 2017 • 20:00 (UTC -3)
    Custom PvP Server
    Global auto events
    Balanced classes
    DDoS protection, no Lag, no Wipe
    Instant 80, third class and subclasses
    42 buff slots
    Interlude Perseus 5000x
    Special Features
    # Unique start up System
    #Custom Commands
    .menu, .report, .online
    # Fully reworked class with new skills
    # Costumes
    # Custom Jewels
    # Custom Special Abilities
    # PvP zone with auto-flag and nobles
    # 3 Custom upgradable sets - (Apprentice [Starter], Titanium [LvL 1], Dynasty [LvL 2]
    # Unique and diverse tattoo's
    # Custom buffs (ones from High Five and more)
    # Infinite soulshots and arrows, no consumables needed (spirit ore, soul ore, etc)
    # Unique weapon enchancements
    # Special and unique NPC's
    # Special farm zones (low, mid, party/hard)
    # New and unique raidbosses with AI
    # Main town: Giran
    # Nobless status by killing Barakiel or buy Noble's Flask from Misc Shop
    # Many skills reworked into either toggle or passive (Thrill Fight, Duelist Spirit, Rapid Shot, Snipe, etc)
    # Vote buff with 12h duration. It increases P.def, M.def and Run speed.
    # Sieges only for Giran and Aden. Crowns got special stats
    Safe: +4 Max Armor: +25 Max Weapon: +25
    Normal Scroll: 70% Blessed Scroll: 80% Ancient Scroll: Varies%
    From +20 to +25 you can enchant only using Ancient Scrolls and the chance is decreasing by each enchant!
    Low Grade Lifestone: 5% Mid Grade Lifestone: 8% High Grade Lifestone: 15% Top Grade Lifestone: 25%
    +1 active +1 passive
    Augment skills got lower stats so it won't make the gameplay unbalanced
    Augmented Weapons can be traded
    Auto Events
    Team vs Team DeathMatch Last Man Standing
    Auto 1vs1 Capture the Flag Auto 2vs2
    Auto 5vs5 Auto Korean Style And much more...
    Custom NPC's
    Change Password Custom Gatekeeper Event Npc
    Subclass Manager PvP Rankings Wedding Manager
    Siege Manager Skill Enchanter Augmenter
    Custom Buffer Warehouse Donation Manager
    Custom Shops Bounty Hunter Vote Manager
    Symbol Maker Fashion Shop Raid Bosses
    Adena- Droppped by all monsters and Raid Bosses.
    Bronze Coin- Dropped by monsters from Safe Zone, Medium zone and Hard zone.
    Silver Coin- Dropped by monsters from Medium Zone, Hard Zone and Custom Raidbosses.
    Not allowed Coin- Dropped by Raidbosses( higher rank boss= higher drop), and with low chance from Divine Retributer from Hard zone.
    Purity trash server- Dropped by Raidbosses from Rank 2 and 3.
    Angelic trash server- Dropped By Raidbosses from Rank 4 and 5.
    Soulfire- Dropped by monsters from Pvp Zone, Hard zone and from Raid Bosses.
    Crystal of Intellect- Dropped by Raidbosses. You need it to add Special Ability on weapon
    Crystal of Wrath- Dropped by Raidbosses. You need it to add Special Ability on weapon
    Crystal of Tranquility- Dropped by Raidbosses. You need it to add Special Ability on weapon

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=27011.0