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    L2Promisance & L2Khaos
    « on: December 08, 2016, 11:45:52 AM »

    Grand Opening: 17 December 2016. 20:00 GMT +1

    Web-site: Lineage II Khaos
    Forum: Lineage II Khaos Forums - Powered by vBulletin


    Its been a long time and I'm very happy to see everyone! I have the pleasure to announce that the sever, L2Khaos, will be up and running again soon. It's been a long seven years, but the time has come. I'll try my absolute best to accommodate to your needs/wants, adjust to the 2016 gameplay, and provide you with new content.

    I would appreciate if you guys spread the word about the server being reopened. Please help us bring back the old community!

    We may look old fashioned, but the quality and server longevity are our goals. New web design will be released soon.

    Server: Interlude L2OFF

    - Khaos Server:
    - XP: 55x
    - SP: 55x
    - Spoil: 15x
    - ADENA: 200x

    -100% Retail.
    -Skill modifications made for game play improvement:
    --Touch of life and Restore life are party-only so that players don't heal raids.
    --Buffs are party-only to prevent griefing
    -Skill validation system to prevent skill stacking
    -Max Transfer Pain distance is 1500 to prevent players from hiding their summons and going across the map.

    -Weekly Olympiad - 4 hours per day (2 hours at 10 am/pm server time)
    -Minimum of 5 players required
    -Limited to A-Grade only with server safe enchants max.
    -Non-class based to prevent class-based botting.

    Subclasse & Noblesse:
    -Must kill bosses for subclass and farm lunargents and hellfire oil (some items are added in our GM shop );
    -Must do the full noblesse quest.

    Clans and Castles:
    -Full interlude clan system enabled up to level 8 with all sub units and clan skills
    -Alliances limited to 3 clans per alliance
    -No clan kick/leave penalties, players can leave and join clans without having to wait x amount of time.
    -Castle sieges are every weekend. Server will start with two sieges and open more castles as the population grows.

    Custom Zones:
    -School of Dark Arts [Lv 80 Medium - Hard]
    -Cave of Trials [Lv 72+ Medium]
    -Abandoned Coal Mines [Lv 70+ Easy] (under discussion)
    -Elven Ruins [Lv 52+]
    -Raid boss zones are pvp areas

    Custom Features:
    -Offline Shops
    -No party XP level limit
    -PvP Reward system
    -Global Item Decay (THERE IS NO AUTO-PICKUP)
    -NPC Buffers in giran have almost the same buffs as AIOs do (all the buffs available in the game).
    -Buffs from AIOs and NPCs last 2 hours and 30 minutes. Normal player buffs are retail.
    -NPCs in giran for all your item/consumable/weapon/armor needs.
    -Increased weight limit on all characters
    -No death penalty
    -.expon/.expoff command to enable or disable experience gain
    -Trade radius to prevent players from creating shops on other players or npcs
    -Attribute system enabled
    -Augmentation system enabled
    -Herb system DISABLED

    -Retail rates
    -Weapon safe enchant +5, max enchant +21 (still discussing)
    -Weapon Regular scroll safe +5
    -Armor/Jewel safe enchant +3 (+4 on onepiece), max enchant +10
    -Armor/Jewel scroll safe +3

    -Dual Special Ability weapons drops from bosses and also added in shop.
    -Promisance Armor drops from bosses and custom craft.
    -Epic armors can be bought in shops.

    The donation options:
    -Blessed enchants drop from bosses and are donatable
    -AIOs are donateable.
    -Single SA S grade weapons (safe enchanted) are donateable for enchanting chance purposes only. (meaning players must enchant themselves from +5 upward)
    -Cosmetic and pet items are donateable, as well as name changes and clan leader changes
    -Clan reputation points are donateable in increments of 15,000
    -More will be discussed...

    Web-site: Lineage II Khaos
    Forum: Lineage II Khaos Forums - Powered by vBulletin

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