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    L2RedSaga High Five X10 Grand Opening 26/05/2017
    « on: May 07, 2017, 05:40:21 AM »


    XP : x10
    Party XP : x1
    SP : x10
    Adena : x10
    Quest Adena : x6
    Drop : x10
    Spoil: x3
    Safe enchant +3.
    Max enchant +16.
    Simple scrolls – 54%.
    Blessed scrolls – 64%


    Champion System
    Community Board ALT+B
    Treasure Chest (nerfed)
    Vote Reward system
    Buffs: 24 slots
    Songs/Dances: 12 slots
    Buffs Duration: 1H
    AutoLearnForgottens: No
    AutoLearnSkills: Yes
    Autoloot: Yes
    NPC Buffer: No
    Unique custom Antibot
    Vote Shop
    BlueEva Shop
    PC Bang Shop
    Olympiad Retail (adapted hour)
    Seven Signs Retail
    Sieges Retail
    Lucky pig
    Cursed available
    PCpoints: Yes
    Vitality event
    Auto-events every 1 hours
    NPC events PvP
    Quest subclass needed: No
    Retail Nobles
    Retail 3rd class
    VIP account
    SHIFT+click (info mobs)
    Full geodata
    Anti-DDOS BY OVH
    No custom
    Retail Experience
    Ítem Bróker disabled (firts moths)


    The heroes are elected on the 1st of each month, the period is 30 days of competition.
    Feed point in olympiad is motive for ban. 9 players for start olympiad, 15 fights is needed to be hero and change point for Olympiad Token.
    Starting points are 20, and every week you gain 10.
    Max enchant on olympiad even if your items are enchanted over +6, in olympiad they counted as +6!.

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