Author Topic: L2JL2RIP INTERLUDE PVP STARTS TODAY  (Read 1997 times)

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    « on: July 31, 2021, 07:47:30 AM »
    L2RIP PVP Server starts at JULY 31 (SATURDAY) at 20:00 GMT+3

    Website: https://l2rip.com


    Chronicle: Interlude
    Rates: All x1000 (PVP)
    Main town: Giran
    Starting/Subclass level: 80


    Global Gateekeper
    GMSHOP (free S-Grade items)
    Buffer (fast buffer and scheme buffer)
    Skill Enchanter (All Classes)
    Subclass Manager (All Classes)
    Augment Manager
    Siege Manager
    Event Manager

     Custom Shop:

    Armors: Apella Armors, RIP Armors(Not allowed Apella) (100% balanced)
    Weapons: S-Grade Weapons, RIP Weapons (100% balanced)
    Accessories: +100 P.def, +100 M.def
    Tattoos: +100 Casting Speed, +100 P.Atk Speed
    Skin system:  30+ unique and exclusive skins


    Buffs Slots: 30+18(Dance/Song Slots), All buffs in NPC Buffer and Scheme System


    Safe: +4 Max: +16
    Normal Enchant: 60% Max +10. Fail = You get Crystals
    Blessed Enchant: 100% Max +12. Never fail
    RIP Scroll: 0-12(100%),  +13 (80% chance) | +14 (60% chance) | +15 (40% chance)| +16 (20% chance), Fail? Keep current enchant level.

     Augment system:

    Top Grade Life Stone: 15% Chance
    High Grade Life Stone: 10% Chance
    Mid Grade Life Stone: 5% Chance
    Max 1 Active + 1 Passive skill 


    Apella/RIP Armors and RIP Weapons obtainable by killing Raid Bosses.
    Everything else obtainable by killing Farm zones or by killing players in PVP Zones.

     Clan System:

    Max number of clan members: 40
    Max number of clans in ally: 1
    Royoal Guard and Knight Guard disabled 
    No penalty for leave clan

     Castle Sieges:

    Castles: Giran, Adena and Rune
    Siege Period: Every 3 days 
    Siege Duration: 120 minutes duration
    Reward: passive clan skill after taking the castle
    Only registered clans can join the siege


    Period: 7 days
    Time: 18h to 24h GMT-3
    Items: Grade S / No Custom
    Enchant: +6
    Minimum 9 Matches(with at least 1 Win)to be Hero.

    Raid Bosses & Epics:

    10+ Raid Bosses. Respawn from 20 to 40 minutes. You can teleport to them using Global-GK.

     Raid Drops 76+:

     X1 Rip Weapon (Random 100%)
     X1 Apella Armor (Random 100%)
     Life Stone - x4 (100%)
     Giant Codex x2 (100%)
     Nephilim Lord Shield - 1 piece (2%)
     Zombie Shield - 1 piece (2%)
     X1 Clan Rep (Adds 2k Clan Rep)
    13-14k Adena  (100%)

     Epic Boss:

     Queen Ant: Resp 12-24h
     Zaken: Resp 12-24h
     Baium: Resp 12-24h
     Antharas: Resp 12-24h
     Valakas: Resp 12-24h

    Party Farm 
    Last Man Standing 
    Team vs Team 
    Capture the Flag 
    Raid in the Middle 



    Stable Platform
    Interlude retail skills
    Auto Learn Skills
    Auto pick up Drop
    Wedding System
    Max 10 subclasses
    Auto usage of CP/HP/MP potions
    Cancellation Return Buff after 7 Secs
    Chance Minimum Debuffs - 10% 
    Chance Maximum Debuffs - 90% 
    Geodata and Pathnode
    Offline Shop System
    Vote Reward System


    Injection Protections.
    DDoS Protections.
    Maximum number of 2 client windows running.
    You can only go to the farm zone with 1 client per (HWID).
    Use of Bots with automatic detection through Captcha. Penalty: 1st Time Warning. Next permanent ban.

    Website: https://l2rip.com

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=30028.0