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    link - Мультипрофа Interlude [multiproff/multiskill/]

    Basic information :
    Chronicles: Interlude
    Concept: Multiprof / Multiskill

    Multiprof - consists of two words - multi (many) and prof (short for word profession), that is, many professions! As the name implies, we have the opportunity to learn absolutely any skills of absolutely all professions. Playing on a classic server, we often thought, if we had 1 or 2 skills from another profession, we could move mountains and kill entire clans. To learn skills from other professions you only need SP.

    The main skills are Weapon Mastery (give a huge increase in attacks) and Light Armor Mastery (give the speed of attack, caste, dodge, protection against chance and damage crit), and of course the limits. All these skills learn first and foremost, then to your taste and color. All the uniqueness of multiprofession can be understood if you try at least once!

    Server Rates:

        Xp - x2
        Sp - x1
        Adena - x0,1 (prices are changed in accordance with the rate)
        RB Xp - x1.5
        RB Sp - x1
        Drop - x1
        Drop c RB - x1
        Spoil - x4
        QuestsReward - x0,1 (adena only)
        QuestsDrop - x2
        Manor - x1
        The cost of learning skills of any profession - x4

    Server Features:

        Reworked clan system, skills

        The ability to craft the base currency of the server and donate coin

        Added ability to upgrade A / S armor

        The number of mobs on all spots doubled
        Tattoos added - 24 levels:

       Added zeroing system with nice bonuses:

        Added mobs champions

        Added accessories (12 levels), adding HP CP MP and physical protection, add static stats, not further rated

        S weapon upgrade added, level 14 CA is required, CA upgrade from level 13 to level 14 is possible only on RB "Anais" in the Monastery of Silence, with a 15% chance
        Buff time - 60 minutes
        Limits time - 60 minutes
        30% Hp is not required to use frenzy / guts / zealot / angelic icon
        Ability to use totems with any weapon.
        Disabled the ability to use the healing skills on the raid / grand bosses.
        Added statistical rollback for some skill types (beats, letila, hp / cp etc., slender)
        Skills like "Frenzy & Guts, WarCry & Rage are replaced among themselves
        Light Armor Mastery works with all kind of armor
        For convenience, added skill mass sweep.

    Epic bosses:

        Valakas - 7 days + 1 hour random.
        Antharas - 6 days + 1 hour random.
        Baum - 5 days +1 hour random.
        Frinteza - 48 hours + 1 hour random.

        Zaken (78 level) - 48 hours + 1 hour randomly, the door opens every day at 20:00 MSK

        Antquin (78 level) - 24 hours + 1 hour random.

        Kore / Orfen (78 level) - 36 hours.

    Epic bosses strengthened: protection 10 times, attack 2 times.

    Removed from the drop armor, weapons and jewelry A / S grade.

    Raid bosses:
    Respawn 2 hours + 30 minutes

    Respawn Flame of Splendor Barakiel - 6 hours + - 30 minutes, announcement 15 minutes before the respa

    Respawn Cherub Galaxia - 5 hours + - 30 minutes, drop from 500 to 1500 Clan reputation, 1-2 Clan Skill Coin (necessary for learning the clan skills), the announcement 15 minutes before the rep, is in TOI 13 floor

    The clan of the egg of the A grade was removed from the drop; Armor, weapons and jewelry A / S grade.
    Normal rb reinforced:
    4 times protection
    Phys.Mag attack 2 times

    2 A armor / weapon enchant scroll with 40% chance, top LS 76 lvl-a with 25% chance and skill point books with 45% chance, 2 Rus coin with 60% chance added to drop to rb 60-69

    For RB 70+ levels added 2 S armor / weapon enchant scroll, top HP with a chance of 50% 1 piece and a book of skill points 60% chance, 2 Rus coin with a chance 60%

     * Drop added all RB 60+ levels, except calling RB

        Reworked clan system:
        Limits of people in terms of clans:
        0 level - 5
        Level 1 - 6
        Level 2 - 7
        Level 3 - 8
        4 levels and above - 10
        Limits of People Royal Guard - 0
        Limit of slots in Knight's sub - 0
        The limit for the academy - 30

        To raise the level of the clan in the clan must be 5+ players
        Any clan penalty - 24 hours, except expulsion by the clan leader

        Clan skills work on all clan members.
        Reworked clan skills, all skills add static, no stats to follow:

        XP / CP / MP +3000 per level

        Mag.Aatak +1500 for each level

        Attack attack +750 for each level

        Physical Protection +1000 for each level

        Mag. Protection +500 for each level

        Dodge / Accuracy + 2 per level

        Running speed +10 for each level

    Automatic Events:
    TvT and CTF (capture the flag) every 2 hours from 12:00 and ending 00:00, the prize - 1 event coin, 1 event box

    TvT rewards require 1 or more kills.

    Purchase professions:

    1 profession - 300 adena, reward 15 Shadow Item Coupon (D-grade), Rune XP / SP + 50% - 4 hours
    2 profession - 10 000 adena, reward Shadow Item Coupon (С-grade)
    3 profession - 3 000 000 adena, 25 Rus Coin


        The chance of sharpening ordinary scrolls 75%
        Present a brilliant sharpening with an increased chance - 85%
        Safe sharpening: +7
        The maximum level of sharpening for armor and jewelry +50
        Maximum sharpening level for weapons +50

    System of zeroings:

        To be able to reset, your character must be level 78 or higher!
        Perform zeroing possible at the NPC "Skill Master"
        After performing the zeroing level

    link - Мультипрофа Interlude [multiproff/multiskill/]

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