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    l2say start 20.05.2017
    « on: May 21, 2017, 06:51:14 AM »



    L2Say - Lineage 2 Interlude.

    Server 150x / PVP / Farm / No Custom
    L2off Files 100% Working
    Hour of Server, Site and Fórum - GMT -3
    Buff Time - 1 horas
    Buffs Slots - 24 + 4(DI)
    NPC Buffer Full
    Anti-Bot System(Gameguard)
    Geodata e Pathnodes
    Sub-Classe Quest Not Need Quest(Need Pay Event Medal)
    Classe Master Free
    Spawn/Teleport: Protection of 20s
    Off-line Shop mode(only logout with store opened)
    Auto Learn Skills
    Auto Loot
    Auto Raid & Grand Boss Loot - Disabled


    Experience (EXP) - 150x
    Skill Points (SP) - 150x
    Adena - 300x
    Drop Items - 1x
    Quest Experience (EXP) - 1x
    Quest Skill Points (SP) - 1x
    Quest Adena - 1x
    Quest Drop Items - 1x
    Spoil - 1x
    Weight Limit - 10x

    There will be 3 Types of Enchants.

    Enchant Normal:
    Enchant Normal Safe: +3
    Enchant Normal Max.: +3
    Enchant Normal Chance: 100%

    Blesseds Normal:
    Blessed Normal Safe: +3
    Blessed Normal Max.: +8
    Blessed Normal Chance: 90%

    Blesseds Raid Boss:
    Blessed Raid Boss Safe: +3
    Blessed Raid Boss Safe: +12
    Blessed Raid Boss Chance: 70%

    Blesseds Grand Boss:
    Blessed Grand Boss Safe: +3
    Blessed Grand Boss Safe: +16
    Blessed Grand Boss Chance: 80%


    Period: 7 in 7 Days.
    Start: 27/05/17 and 28/05/17.

    Augmentation System

    Life stones only dropped on Event Chest Reward.
    Skill chance of all life stones reported in them.

    AIO System

    2 Hours of Buff.
    Can be purchased by Event Medals.

    TVT Event

    Start Hour: 10:00(-3GMT) - Reward: 5 Event Chest
    Start Hour: 13:00(-3GMT) - Reward: 7 Event Chest
    Start Hour: 16:00(-3GMT) - Reward: 10 Event Chest
    Start Hour: 19:00(-3GMT) - Reward: 12 Event Chest
    Start Hour: 22:00(-3GMT) - Reward: 15 Event Chest
    Start Hour: 00:00(-3GMT) - Reward: 20 Event Chest


    Period: 15 in 15 Days.
    Required 5 players to start individual or all classes.
    Hero's Chat with 5 second delay.
    If you relogin/logout in Battle or before you start, you lose 1/5 of the points.
    If the battle is canceled due to excess weight, it loses 1/3 of the points.
    HWID protection, only one char per computer can go oly.
    Start Time: 18:00 (-3GMT)
    Every day.


    Farm Zones

    There are 4 farm areas:
    Monastery, Imperial Tomb, Ketra and Varka.
    All 4 farm zone have drop of Farm Medal and 5 different teleport spawns in the same area.
    In the farm area of Imperial Tomb, the teleport spawn 1, that is, at the entrance, is a Chaotic area because of the entrance to the Grand Boss Frintezza.
    Adena will not be dropped in our farm areas, only Farm Medal, Adena has no value on our server.br /> All players will be born with 1 Not allowed Bar in the inventory.
    Start in Giran.
    At start level 1 simply go to the npc shop and click on the 'Up to Level 80' button.
    All equipment sold in the shop by 1 of Adena.
    Clan items (Reputation, level quest and skills) sold by Farm Medal and Event Medal.
    Quest nobless: Dropping nobless medal at Barakiel or doing the quest and buying lunargent and hellfire for Event Medal.
    Standard Accessories and Strider sold by Event Medal and Farm Medal.

    Grand Boss:

    All Grand Boss dropping Grand Boss Medal.
    All Grand Boss dropping their respective jewels.
    All areas of the Grand Boss are Chaotic Zone.
    All boss jewelery are S Grade.
    Quest of grand boss sold by 1 adena.
    Boss Jewels just dropping in the Grand Boss.
    All Grand Boss level 85.

    Drop Grand Boss:

    Valakas, Frintezza and Antharas:
    Drop 200 Grand Boss Medal + 20 Donate Medal (20% Chance).

    Baium, Zakem and Queen Ant:
    Drop 100 Grand Boss Medal + 10 Donate Medal (10% Chance).

    Orfen and Core:
    Drop 50 Grand Boss Medal + 5 Donate Medal (5% Chance).

    There is no retail drop.
    Jewelry with a 50% chance of falling out of every Grand Boss.

    Respawn Grand Boss:

    Valakas: 84 Hours
    Frintezza: 84 Hours
    Antharas: 84 Hours
    Baium: 56 Hours
    Zaken: 56 Hours
    Queen Ant: 56 Hours
    Orfen: 48 Hours
    Core: 48 Hours

    Raid Boss:

    Raid Boss listed in npc Raid Info dropping Raid Boss Medal.
    When attacking a Raid Boss it will become Flag.
    All Raid Boss from the NPC Raid Info list are level 80+.
    Drop Raid Boss:

    Barakiel: 150 Raid Boss Medal + 9 Nobless + 1 Donate Medal (2% Chance).
    Ketra and Varka: 150 Raid Boss Medal + 1 Donate Medal (2% Chance).
    Others from the NPC Raid Info list: 50 Raid Boss Medal + 1 Donate Medal (1% Chance). Respawn Raid Boss:

    Flame of Splendor Barakiel: 12 Hours
    Ketra and Varka Boss: 12 Hours
    Other Raid Boss from the Raid NPC List Info: 24 Hours

    All configurations and features that have not been reported here are Retail, that is, equal to the official Lineage II, or were considered irrelevant.

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=27431.0

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