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    L2Spirit New Season 2017-06-10 18:00 GMT+2
    « on: June 07, 2017, 12:12:25 PM »
    Hello L2-Spirit and all Lineage ][ players.
    We are glad to announce about our new season, which will be a lot better than our last season!
    We were working all this time, day and night with server improvements.
    And it's all just for you.
    You will be able to get everything in game [All donate items]
    Don't forget to tell your friends, because L2-Spirit comes back with even greater Spirit!
    Join our server L2-Spirit Interlude Private Server ! First 50 online players will be rewarded!
    First clan which kills raid boss wins clan 8 lvl and 50k clan rep!
    So what we made for you is listed below:
    ● Changed and added new items
    ● Donate RB in PvP Zone. Spawns 2x in one week!
    ● New PvP Zone
    ● Donate Shop in server, Donate Coins
    ● Added Donate RB [drops Donate Coins]
    ● Auto Events [reward Event Medals]
    ● Aden, Giran castle sieges
    ● Changed Main Town
    ● Small RB Zone
    ● Blessed Zone [+35 max with blessed scrolls]
    ● Increased crystal enchants drop rate [+45 max with crystal]
    ● Newbie zone in Town
    ● Added Medals Shop [Event medals can be traded to Donate coins]
    ● Increased class balance
    And that's not all! Before server start we will announce all updates in our website.
    Server patch will be uploaded 1-2 days before start!

    * Rates *
    Xp 9999x | Sp 9999x | Adena 9999x | Drop 9999x
    Adenas drop rate: x60
    Adena/Drop rates are customary moded, so that server could have a great economy.
    Easy farm difficulty.
    * Enchant Rates *
    Max Weapons: +35 | Armors: +35 | Jewelry: +35
    Safe Enchant : +5
    Simple Enchant Rates: 85% | Blessed Enchant Rates: 95%
    * Main Info *
    Starting level - 80
    Subclass level - 80
    Unique Economy System
    No grade and Weight penalty
    Rebirth system
    Stable platform
    Balanced Buffs/Skills/Classes
    Fully working interlude geodata / pathnode
    Unique server style

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      Re: L2Spirit New Season 2017-06-10 18:00 GMT+2
      « Reply #1 on: July 15, 2017, 07:23:47 AM »
      Server START 2017.07.15! 18:00 GMT+2
      As we planned, we made server more stable, and easier to play!
      More stable classes.
      Stable medal,vote,donate shops. [currency]
      All clans will get 8clan lvl and 100k clan rep!
      [For that you have to conctact Admin/GM]
      Main Towns will be the same, but respawn, newbie
      locations will be changed to Giran.
      Old GC Zone.
      And much more updates!
      Join us: L2-Spirit Interlude Private Server

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