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    L2strike.pl Interlude
    « on: May 06, 2017, 04:35:04 AM »
    Let's describe the server:

    - Main currency is FA ( Festival Adena )

    - Lvl'ing by FA ( Festival Adena ). There is NPC and he changes your FA to lvl. For example: 2lvl = 5FA, 3lvl = 10FA, 4lvl = 15FA.

    - GmShop till S grade for FA ( Festival Adena ). There are no custom weapons or armors.

    - Multiskills:
                           NPC in shoping zone,
                           Skills buyable by sp,
                           SP obtained from scrolls,
                           Scrolls are in GM shop for FA ( Festival Adena ).
                           We made skills hard to get cause of big SP scrolls price. (without exaggeration)
    - Noobles buyable for FA ( Festival Adena ) in special NPC.

    - Enchant Rate:
                           Enchant chance: 65% and 100%
                           Safe enchant rate: 3
                           Maximum enchant value: 65535
                           There are blessed enchant scrolls (65%) and crystal enchant scrolls (100%)
                           BESW/A are in GM Shop for FA ( Festival Adena ).
                           CESW/A you can obtained from BOSS PARTY ZONE. (drop: 1-2)

    - Farm zone's:
                          First zone: 1-40Lvl. Mobs are as balanced as possible. More than one spot, Anty PK Guards.
                          Second zone: 40-80Lvl. Mobs are as balanced as possible. More than one spot, Anty PK Guards.
                          Third zone: 80+ Party. Bosses are as balanced as possible. One spot, Anty PK Guards.
                          Fourth zone: Safe zone for newbies, One spot, Anty PK Guards.

    - Active forum / Administrators / Game Masters

    - We are open to any suggestions.

    - The server has officially started today (after some beta days).                   

    - Mobs and Classes are as balanced as we could. It took us most of the time.

    - Accounts are "autocreated"

    - Anti Bot/ Anti dualbox systems

    - Other nots:
                          There are no other mobs, You cannot lvl by your own on other mobs.
                          You get FA ( Festival Adena ) for every PvP and PK.  [Also in TvT]
                          At this time there is low value of community. You have chance to be the best.
                          No corrupted GM's.
                          You get FA ( Festival Adena ) for voting.
                          Professional Staff making your game more comfortable.

    For more Information you can hit this link -> https://l2strike.pl
    We are waiting for you !

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=27394.0

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