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    « on: February 27, 2018, 11:20:03 PM »
    Hello everyone, I present you SupraGames.net, a chronicle server interludes with more than 500 active players, Argentine server that offers security, stability and most importantly, fun so you can invest your hours of game without having the fear that you they will close the server in no time!


    -Lineage II Interlude x100.

    -Main Class

    -Dual Box/system offline shop enabled

    -Auto learn Skill

    -Olympiad every 7 days, (Stat enchant +10)

    -Schedule olympiad 20.00 a 00.00 hrs ARG

    -Custom Items: Tattos/Gorros/Mascaras

    -Armor Custom: Titanium/Dark Knight/Dynasty (Increase same stats what grado S normal)

    -Weapons retails

    -Npc Full Buff

    -Buff slots: 24+4

    -Time Buffs: 2 hours

    -We have varieties of farmeo zones

    -All classes are perfectly balanced!

    -First you must vote in the banners of the page * Then go to the npc Vote Manager and ask for your reward * Reward 2 vote coin and 30kk of Adena

    -Every 10 global votes is given 1 vote coin to all the connected characters

    -Only wars can be eliminated if 3 days have passed since they were accepted

    -The Dynasty, DK and Titanium armor gives same stats as the normal S grade, including the DC Robe set * Hats / Masks increase 500 HP / CP and 10 Speed * Warrior Tatto increases 5% p.atk * Mago Tatto increases 5 % of m.atk

    -Team vs Team every 3 hours * Reward 5 Event Medal * Coming soon: The pvp and reward of 5kk is added for each individual kill


    Safe Enchant +3
    Max Enchant +25
    Enchant blessed +4 to +20 with 70% of chance
    Enchant scroll normal +4 to +25 with 70% of chance
    Life Stone Top have 15% of chance in active/passive/Chance
    Only 1 argument can be used
    Raid Boss

    Grand Boss respawn of 12-16 hours
    The Grand Bosses drop their respective boss jewels and other special objectss(Blessed enchant,Life Stone, etc)
    All the Grand Boss are level 80
    Barakiel respawn 6-10 hours

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=28203.0