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    link - http://l2ufc.ru/

    Exp: x3
    Sp: x1
    Drop: x1
    Spoil: x3
    Adena: x1
    Spam is not allowed Stone: x3
    Quest Drop: х2
    Quest Reward: х1
    Raid Boss Drop: х1
    Epic Boss Drop: х1 

    About Buffs and Skills:

    Advanced Buffer is missing.
    Standard Newbie Guide has free advanced sets, without the skills of third professions.
    Buff time from Newbie Guide - 120 minutes; gives skills up to level 55 inclusive.
    Time buffs from players - 120 minutes.
    The time limit is 120 minutes.
    All limits are imposed with any amount of HP.
    The number of slots for the buff is unlimited.
    When a character dies, all buffs are canceled.
    Light Armor Mastery work with all types of armor.
    The Magican MoveMent skill does not decrease stats.
    Totems from the tyrant work and bafatsya with any type of weapon.
    A simultaneous combination of Guts + Frenzy is possible.
    Frenzy in addition to standard bonuses, adds 50% to the magician. attack; Guts - 30% to the magician. protection. (at the maximum level)
    New skills: Magican Spoil, Magican Sweeper - are studied in the gnomes, at the same levels as the usual counterparts.
    The new skill Mass Sweeper, is being studied by the dwarves at level 78m; cost 500kk SP.
    Sonic and Force do not require charging and consumables; work with all types of weapons.
    Any weapon with SA "Acumen", in addition to the standard 15% casting speed, adds 30% to the max. HP
    Static rollback of all celestials - 20 minutes.
    Static rollback of all resurrections - 2 minutes.
    Static rollback of all interest hilok - 1 minute.
    Mirage static rollback - 4 minutes.
    Changed sharpening buffs (Might, Empower, Shield, Magic Barrier). Now sharpening these skills will increase the parameter by 1% for each level).
    Excellent balance between mages and warriors, both in the farm of the Republic of Belarus and in PvP, due to a change in the stats of the Republic of Belarus in certain proportions, and the skill Balance (corrects the damage taken in PvP using a special formula).
    The complex of unique Blessed skills (bonuses to all types of stat), produced by the rebirth of the character.
    Each Blessed skill has 5 levels.
    Rebirth can be done in the NPC Ekaterina, reaching level 78. Reset to level 20
    About stores:

    GM shop does not contain standard ammunition, weapons, jewelry.
    GM shop contains a number of important consumables, as well as tabs on upgrade systems for ammunition, weapons, and jewelry.
    Donate Shop contains only what can be obtained by playing. (without unique things for donators)
    The gradual introduction of content in Donate Shop, based on the development of server economics.
    Raid Boss and Epic Boss:

    The revival of all normal RB - 2-4 hours.
    The revival of Noble RB, all RB to increase the level of the alliance with ketra \ boiling: 8-10 hours.
    There are no any announcements about the revival of normal RB.
    The following items have been added to the Droplist for all RB 60-69 levels: more!
    The following items have been added to the Droplist for all RBs of level 70-85: more!
    In the droplist all epics added life stones, books for sharpening skills and special items for upgrading. more details!
    3 levels of epic costume jewelry, with an increase in parameters.
    Absolutely all RBs, including epics, have deleted items S of the grade from the drop list.
    The epic has also been removed from A grade.
    With High Epic, the resulting SP is trimmed.
    All bosses are strengthened several times, match the stats of players.
    The state of any epic can be checked with the command .epic
    All epic zones - PvP
    Epic RB Revival Time:
    Queen Ant (40 lvl): 24 hours + 1 hour of random time. * chance to drop the ring - 50%
    Core (50 lvl): 24 hours + 1 hour of random time.
    Orfen (50 lvl): 24 hours + 1 hour of random time.
    Zaken (60 lvl): 48 hours + 1 hour of random time.
    Baium (80 lvl): every Tuesday and Friday at 21-00 Moscow time.
    Antharas (80 lvl): every Wednesday and Saturday at 21-00 Moscow time.
    Valakas (80 lvl): every Thursday and Sunday at 21-00 Moscow time.
    Frintezza (80 lvl): 48 hours + 1 hour of random time. * entrance from two parties in CC

    Enchant and Augmentation:

    Safe enchant weapons, armor, jewelry +3.
    The chance of successful enchant weapons, armor, jewelry over +3 normal and bright points = 60%
    The chance of successful enchant weapons, armor, jewelry over +3 crystal dots = 100% (mined only at the Olympiad!)
    Maximum enchant weapons, armor, jewelry +50
    Chance to get the skill from the argument: Top Life Stone - 9%, High Life Stone - 7%, Middle Life Stone - 1%
    Active and Passive stat skills give + 15%. Wild Magic makes magic crit maximum. (75%)
    The duration of all active buffs with Life Stone has been increased.
    Impose on the character maybe just one skill with drugs
    You can get Top-Grade Life Stone by killing Tyrannosaurs, RB

    The duration of the Olympiad: from 18:00 to 00:00 GMT
    Period of the Olympiad: 7 days.
    Only 3 players are needed to start non-class competitions!
    Class battles are disabled.
    For victories in battles at the Olympiad, you will receive parts of 100% sharpening!
    The cost of one registration for fights is 5kk adena!
    Gulf protection (by IP, HWID)
    Clans and Alliances:

    When you create a clan - immediately 5th level.
    Unique automatic clan buff depending on the online in the clan: if the online in the clan is less than 10 people: + 10% to Exp \ Sp. If online more than 10 people: + 15% to Exp \ Sp.
    The exit penalty \ expulsion from the clan \ alliance - 4 hours.
    Clan War can be announced from the 5th level of the clan! (minimum number of members - 5)
    The price of the 6th level of the clan is 5000 krp (10+ members)
    The price of the 7th level of the clan is 10,000 krp (20+ members)
    The price of the 8th level of the clan is 20000 krp (30+ members)
    Increased the maximum number of clan members - up to 50
    Royal Guarda slots increased to 30
    Increased slot limit for academicians - up to 30
    Team to call clan clan leader .summon_clan (worth 1 Donate Coin for clan leader, clan member must have summon crystal, team spacing - no more than once every 300 minutes)
    Clan skills give an increase to stats x2, relative to the official server.
    Clan skills work absolutely for all clan members, regardless of rank.
    Alliances are disabled.
    SubClass and Nobless:

    Quests on Sub-class and Noblesse in full! (Lunargent, HellFire Oil, Red Pipette Knife (red saba knife) - sold at the GM shop.)
    Noblesse Blessing gives 15% physical and magic attack and defense in PvP.
    Noblesse Blessing skill can only be cast on yourself!
    Non-standard ammunition:

    10 levels of tattoo with reworked stats under multiprofu.
    10 levels of UFC shirts.
    3 levels of epic costume jewelry.
    3 levels S grade weapons.
    3 levels S shmot, costume jewelry.
    unique caps with stats.
    All non-standard ammunition is mined by game. Various farms, spoils, quests, and so on. More on the stage MBT.
    Oppositions between players:

    The limit of the number of PK, after which it is possible to drop things: 10
    Weapon Drop Chance: 20%
    Chance to drop ammunition \ jewelry: 50%
    Chance to drop the remaining items: 70%!
    The maximum possible number of items broken at death PK: 3
    With a player's PK, it is possible to knock out any items except Adena, augmented weapons and COL.
    PK is announced in the news chat, with the localization of the killer.
    For winning in PvP, you get a PvP coin.
    For PK, you get a PK coin. (given the risks of mining, it is much more valuable than PvP coins)
    Protection from the bay with the second window.
    The reward interval is 2 minutes.
    Server currency:

    Adena is the standard currency.
    Donation Coin - issued automatically when donating through the server site. (cost 50 Russian rubles)
    PvP Coin - issued for winning in PvP
    PK Coin - issued for PK
    Event Coin - issued for winning a team in TvT or one character in DM
    Raid Stone - issued for killing ordinary RB, starting at level 60.
    Epic Stone - issued for killing any epic.
    Soul of Rebirth - issued for rebirth.
    UFC Light Belt - issued for killing blue champions.
    UFC Welter Belt - is awarded for killing red champions.
    UFC Middle Belt - issued for killing RB level 70-85; and LOW Epic (AQ, Core, Orfen, Zaken)
    UFC Heavy Belt - issued for killing H igh Epico (Baium, Antharas, Valakas, Fr intezz a)

    The same racial parameters are made to all Warriors: 40 STR, 30 DEX, 43 CON, 21 INT, 11 WIT, 25 MEN
    All Mages are made the same racial parameters: 44 INT, 19 WIT, 37 MEN, 23 STR, 23 DEX, 30 CON
    Automatic events (Last Hero, TvT) with a generous reward: the status of the hero before the relog, the event and the DONAT coins!
    Stable server economy. The relevance of adena even after several weeks of play.
    Automatic loot pickup (if you prefer, you can disable it in .menu .cfg)
    Ability to lock experience in the menu.
    Studying all professions at SPC. Third professions are very expensive! Alternative - quest. 1 profession - 12.000 Adena / 2 profession - 500 000 Aden / 3 profession - 50.000.000 Ancient Adena.
    Details of the drop / spoiler of monsters: shift + click.
    The weight limit for characters, increased 100 times from the base.
    When you start, you appear in the initial locations, in the top NG uniform !.
    Global GateKeeper is available only in front of the Giran Church.
    Free teleport to level 60
    Sieges according to the official server, with automatic rewards for seizure \ retention. More in stock.
    On the server there are enhanced mobs champions: red (2% chance) and blue (4% chance) Drop LightWeight Coin
    Blue Champions Drop - UFC Lightweight Coin (100% chance quantity: 1), Red Drop - UFC Welterweight Coin (100% chance quantity: 1)
    A unique set of UFC coins, according to the weight category and production difficulty: Lightweight, Welterweight, Middleweight, Heavyweight.
    Russian nicks are available.
    All NPCs for the quest for TT recipes in one place - at the tent in Hot Springs.

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