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    L2Upsilon H5 2017-05-06
    « on: May 01, 2017, 10:08:37 AM »
    GRAND Opening at 2017 MAY 06!
    ------------------ Server Information ------------------
    Exp Rate: 25x.
    Sp RATE: 25x.
    Aden RATE: 10x.
    Drop RATE: 1x.
    Drop CHANCE: 15x.
    Spoil RATE: 1x.
    Spoil CHANCE: 15x.
    Quest RATE: 2x.
    Raid Boss Drop CHANCE: 7x.
    Raid Boss Drop Rate: 1x.
    Epic Boss Drop CHANCE: 1x.
    Epic Boss Drop Rate: 1x.
    Client: Gracia Freya High Five.
    Profession changed Service.
    Sub classes without quest. Subclass Maximum Level: 85
    Max 3 subclass
    High Five geodata.
    Buff time 2 hours.
    Blacksmith (In town).
    ------------------ Other Features ------------------
    Community Board ALT+B
    GM shop S-grade (Dynasty weapons)
    Vote Shop
    Donate shop
    PC bang shop
    Report system
    Offline shop
    Offline Buffer shop
    Scheme buffer
    Solo buff system with logic
    Max Buffs: 24+4
    Max Dances/Songs: 12
    Auto Learn Skills
    Auto Loot
    Vitality System (Full vitality till level 74)
    Auction System
    Champion System (Champion mobs till level 80) All rates: x5
    Weight limit: x3
    Configurable auto MP/HP system in Alt B
    Auto-reward vote system for all online players
    ------------------ Items enchant ------------------
    Normal enchant rate: 55%.
    Blessed enchant rate: 55%.
    Safe enchant (weapon/armors): +4.
    ------------------ Elemental enchant ------------------
    Elemental Maximum Level: : 7.
    Elemental Stone Chance: 50%.
    Elemental Crystal Chance: 40%.
    ------------------ Olympiad ------------------
    Olympiad begins: 7pm.- 12pm. +2GMT.
    Heroes change: Every Saturday.
    Max enchant in Olympiad: all items with enchant more then +6 have status like +6.
    Anti box system.
    ------------------ Epics ------------------
    Ant Queen(40level) Respawn: 24h +- 1h.
    Antharas Respawn: 6days +- 2h.
    Valakas Respawn: 7days +- 2h.
    Baium Respawn: 5days +- 2h.
    Frintezza Respawn: 5days +- 2h.
    Beleth Respawn: 5days +- 2h.
    Orfen: 2days +- 2h.

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