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    Welcome to Victoria PvP Server!

    Server  Victoria Rate:
    Exp: x1200
    SP: x1200
    Adena: x50
    Drop: x5
    Server  Enchant Features:
    Safe Enchant +4
    Maximum Enchant: +20
    Normal Scrolls Rate: 75%
    Blessed scrolls Rate: 90%
    Victoria Scrolls Rate: 100%
    Server  Augment Features:
    Mid Life Stone Rate: 5%
    High Life Stone Rate: 10%
    Top Life Stone Rate: 20%
    Passive Augment Skill 1-1
    Server  Gameplay:
    Interlude Custom Server
    Vote System
    Normal Farm
    Starting Lv* 80
    Sub Class Lv* 80
    Buff Slot: 50 + 5 De-buff
    Max SubClasses 10
    Max Clan on alliance 3
    PvP/PK Color System
    Balanced Classes (passive skills)
    Auto Learn Skills
    Auto loot
    Full Working Wedding
    L2j off Paid Geodata + Pathnodes
    Olympiad  Features:
    Olympiad auto skill reuse on every match
    Olympiad Period 1 week [ Starts 18:00 | Ends 00:00 ]
    Custom  Features:
    Special Custom Npcs
    Custom Gk
    Custom Shop
    Gm Shop
    Custom RB GateKeeper
    Custom RB Manager
    Top Manager
    Castle Manager
    Npc Vote Manager
    Clan Manager
    Enchant Skill Manager
    Augment Manager
    Life Stone/Bogs/Scrolls (Stackable)
    Special Farm & Party Zone
    Custom PvP Zonee
    RaidBoss & GrandBoss Zone
    Special Community Board (ALT+ B)
    Custom New Character Spawn
    Anti-Bot Protection
    Custom  Items:
    Victoria Armor
    Victoria Weapons {Top}
    Raid Boss Jewels
    Custom Tattoo's
    Special Custom Tattoo's (Only From Baium&Valakas)
    Special Mask(Drop From Some RB's)
    Donate Mask(Increase Stats NO OP)
    Baium Hair
    God Hat
    Donate Crown(Increase Stats NO OP)
    Server  Events:
    Auto TvT Event Every 2 hours
    Auto CTF Event Every 2 hours
    Auto DM Event Every 2 Hours
    Server  Commands:
    TvT Commands: .tvtjoin , .tvtleave , .tvtinfo
    CTF Commands: .ctfjoin , .ctfleave , .ctfinfo
    DM Commands: .dmjoin , .dmleave , .dminfo
    Online Players Command: .online
    Password Change Command : .change

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