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    Lineage 2 Zenith

    Website : L2Zenith

    Forum : L2Zenith - Index

    Facebook Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/L2Zenith/

    Server started on 21st September 2017 17:00GMT+2

    About Project

    Ladies and Gentlemen our team proudly presents L2Zenith. Server runs on Gracia Final and it's based on Pride Source.

    Secure server, running on a 1/1gb connection, DDoS protected host location ( Frankfurt). Make sure to join our active Forum community.

    Pride source is a customized in game experience starting with custom armors, weapons,skills monsters, instances , Custom Siege's and olympiad S grade only.

    Even though is a Custom Server it still behaves as a Retail-Like server with fun gameplay. 100% Balanced , Reworked all broken(overpowered) items and skills

    There are IG services like Gm-Shop , Buffer , Custom Blacksmith and a Wondrous Cubic with multifunctional services that provides you with all your needs.

    Little Tutorial

    This is your main tool Wondrous Cubic : you can find it in your inventory.

    when you double click it , a menu appears. You also have an information button in the teleport for the instances that we have.


    Info about the zones, you have description on the right side of each zone button

    Also Cemetary has 2 spawns now when you press it

    Custom npc services In Game

    Armors and Weapons

    This is how the armors will look like with our patch.Starting from the left : S grade , S80 Dynasty , S84 Vesper , S84 TItanium , S84 Titanium Legacy , S84 Dread , S84 Dread Legacy

    Custom PvP name color

    Gaining pvp changes your name color, adds skills and transformations

    Red Glow

    Red glow appears when all parts of your set are Enchanted to a required number (different for each set) for example Dread Armor requires all parts to be +8

    For more information and updates about the server you can join our forum community

    share suggestions and communicate with the L2Zenith team members and other players from all around the world.

    » Xp 9000x.
    » Sp 9000x.
    » Aden 9000x.
    » Drop 9000x.
    » PartyXp 1.6x.
    » PartySp 1.6x.

    Custom Zones:
    * Fantasy Isle - Level up area
    * Cave of trials - Starter area - S-S80 grade
    * Ruins of Despair - Solo farming
    * The Cemetary - Solo/party farming
    * Frozen Labyrinth - Hard party farm - S84

    Main Towns:

    * Gludin Village - general pvp area
    * Aden Town
    * Giran Town/Market zone

    Castle Sieges:
    * Aden - S grade gear
    * Rune - Any gear
    * Goddard - Any gear

    Custom Instances:
    * Kamaloka - Gludin
    * DVC - GIran
    * Ultraverse - Aden

    Custom Items:
    * Unique Boss Weapons
    * Dread weapons/armors
    * Titanium weapon/armors
    * S-rare weapons
    * s80-rare weapons
    * S-epic weapons
    * S84-epic weapons

    * Automated Character Services System
    * Flawless Geodata
    * No corruption
    * Auto Loot
    * Lag free
    * 100% Uptime
    * Active Staff
    * Wedding System
    * Unique Farm Zones
    * International community
    * No weight limit
    * Subclass without quest
    * Subclass starting lvl = 40
    * Max Subclasses = 12
    * Max Clans in Alliance = 3
    * All active/passive augments are fully working! 1 Active Or 1 Passive only (some low grade usless augments are removed)
    * All flood protections
    * Newbie System
    * Reworked all Skills / Items & Class Balance
    * Anti - Feed System
    * Weapon Augmentations
    * Dueling System
    * Olympiad system fully working
    * Heroes every 2 week

    * Enchant is randomized depending on the weapon grade
    * Safe +4 Max +25

    Event System:
    * TVT event
    * CTF event
    * DM event
    * Domination event
    * Mass Domination event
    * Korean Events
    * Zombie event
    * Hunting Grounds
    * 1v1 Event
    * 3v3 Event

    * 9v9 Event
    * And more

    Olympiad System:
    *Olympiad S Grade only auto enchanted to 0
    the more skilled ones will be heroes balanced
    * Retail olympiad game.
    * Competition period [2] weeks.
    * Olympiad start time [20:00] - Olympiad end time [22:00]
    * Olympoiad start/end times can be found in olympiad manager.

    L2Zenith Team

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