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    LINEAGE 2 AARON | GRAND OPENING 24 MAY | 20:00 GMT +3 !! |
    « on: December 08, 2023, 12:47:32 PM »
    😍 L2Aaron.com after many years we are back!
    🔸 Interlude Server x1000
    🔸 Grand Opening: 1 MARCH 20:00 GMT+2
    🔸 ALL ITEMS ON GM-Shop
    🔸 International Server, Solo Friendly, Many Events and Full PvP 24/7
    🔸 Website: https://l2aaron.com/
    🔸 Discord: https://discord.com/invite/l2aaron
    🔸 Features: https://l2aaron.com/features.php

    Server Rates

    Experience & Drop Rates

                      Normal   Premium
       Exp / Sp   x1000   x1500
       Party Exp / Party Sp   x1.1   x1.2
       Adena   x45   x75
       Raid Boss Drop   x7   x10
       Epic Boss Drop   x7   x10
       Epic Boss Jewerly   x1   x1
       Drop Rate   x7   x10
       Spoil Drop   x10   x15
       Drop Sealstones   x2   x4
       Auto Farm System   NO   YES
    Enchant Rates

    Item enchant limits and rates
       Safe Enchant   +6
       Max Enchant   +20
       Normal Enchant Scroll Rate   60%
       Blessed Enchant Scroll Rate   80%
       Normal Enchant   If Enchant fails item broke
       Blessed Enchant   If Enchant fails return -1 Enchant
    Daily Events
    Reward PvP - Event Medals
       Last Man Standing
       Lucky Chests
       Team vs Team
       VIP Team vs Team
       Simon Says

    General Information

       Interlude C6
       Reworked all class balance and we made the Best Balance at PvP's and Olympiad Games since 2014
       Mana Potion restores 1000 MP with 5 second reuse
       Auto Potions and more using .menu in game
       Shift + click you check monster drop and spoil
       Epics in shop and EPIC BOSSES x1
       Free teleport to catacomb and Necropolis at gatekeeper
       All items on GM Shop you can get with adena
       Auto Loot
       No Auto Loot on Raids
       All Epics - Bosses are 80 LvL
       Custom Mage & Fighter Tattoo & Tattoo of Aaron
       2 Custom Shields For Fighters (Zombie Shield - Dusk Shield "Aka Lilith Shield") - Same stats with S grade shield Imperial
       1 Custom Weapon For Mages ( Dusk Sword Acumen "Aka Lilith Sword") - Same Stats with Arcana Mace Acumen
       Custom accessories Baium Hair and more gives + 1000 CP
       Class without quest
       Subclass without quest
       Quest Noblesse Caradine letter 65 lvl on shop
       Subclass starting lvl = 40
       Max Subclasses = 4
       You can add any subclass in Maximilian [ALL IN ONE]
       All active/passive augments are fully working! 1 Active or 1 Passive (x1)
       Lifestone Skill Chance Glow 100% for every stone: Mid 5% High 10% Top 15%
       PvP Color System use .info in game
       Castle Sieges every week
       Olympiad max Enchant +6 If you have +20 Enchants when you enter in olympiad become +6
       Olympiad system fully working with perfect class balance
       Heroes every 1 week
       All buffs in custom buffer max buffs 55+4 buff time 2 hours
       Max clan members 45
       Max Bishops in party 2
       Max Clans in Alliance 1
       Create a clan = lvl 8 instantly
       Clan skills you must kill raid bosses and get raid boss token Automatic Custom item for clan skills No need to get clan eggs
       All your members of your clan have all the clan skills (u dont need to create Royal Guards & Knights)
       Castle Sieges every week
       Bot protection Active Anti Cheat
    Custom PVP System with restrictions (Solo PVP Zone)
    PvP Zones change every hour Pvp zone restrictions:
       No Bishops/Support class can enter
       You Cant use party inside to the zone
       You can write in clan/party/alliance chat
       Auto Noblesse
       Your Tittle / clan crest / ally crest will removed
       Only IN Pvp Zone You can get PvP-Event Medal
       Feed is not allowed
       To leave pvp zone just press .exit ( this command works only in pvp zone)
       Custom Item Per kill PvP-Event Medal
    Custom Party Zone
    Party Zone restrictions:
       Flag Zone
       Anakim Bosses
       Enter the Party Zone You need 3 party members
       Drops Not allowed Coins - Bogs - Mid & High Ls
    Custom Dynamic Zone [ INSTANCE ] with Bosses
       1. Dynamic zone Opens for 2 Hours every day 16:00- 18:00
       2. Every stage of the zone incuding 5 bosses
       3. You need 7 members in your party to travel in every stage
       4. when you killing the boss a gatekeeper will spawn there
       5. every boss you kill gatekeeper spawn everytime to move with your party at the next stage
       6. Dynamic zone have 5 stages = 5 bosses with hight drops more info in game instance manager
       7. every zone is flag zone
       8. you cant enter in those zones with out party
       9. only party leader can use all the teleports for every stage
    Daily Missions Engine
       Do missions and get rewarded
    Tournaments Engine
       Play tournaments and get rewarded
       Party vs Party
    Custom 38 Raid Bosses Area
       Respawn Every 24 Hours
       19 Bosses Flag Zone - 19 Bosses No Flag Zone
       Custom Drop Raid Boss Token (You need them for clan skills)
       Official Drops + Top/High/Mid Ls Bogs x10
    Epic Bosses
       Drops x1 Epic - Scrolls Blessed - Lifestones - Adena -Tokens
       Teleport in Epics areas you dont need quest its disable
       You Need Party 7+ Members to use the teleports
       Epics area is flag zone except orfen and core
       Antharas respawn every day: 23:00 GTM +2
       Valakas respawn every day: 22:00 GTM +2
       Queen Ant respawn every day: 21:00 GTM +2
       Baium respawn every day: 20:00 GTM +2
       Zaken respawn every day: 19:00 GTM +2
       Frintezza respawn every day: 18:00 GTM +2
       Orfen respawn every day: 17:00 GTM +2
       Core respawn every day: 16:00 GTM +2

    And many other cool Features Inside the game
    We keep updating our project with love of this game since 2014

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=30281.0
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