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    Lineage 2 Dark Chronicles - High Five - Soon Online!
    « on: May 09, 2017, 08:22:48 AM »
    Website: Lineage 2 Dread Chronicles
    Some Photos: Invalid Subject

    Grand Opening: Around next month (To be announced!)


    Grade System:

    All wearing items have a grade, they are used to show their stats grade(No Grade, D, C, B, A, S, S80, S84), so they have nothing to do with players level, any grade can be worn by any level.

    Teleport System:

    In the game there are many ways to teleport: Skills, Scrolls, NPC, Commands.
    Skills: There are some skills that can teleport a players to another or return him back to the nearest town.
    Scrolls: There are some scrolls that will teleport the player to the nearest town, a certain town(its written in the scroll), to his clan's Clan Hall or Castle.
    NPC: the well known Gatekeepers can teleport players to any location they have, with a low cost, even in PvP mode, gatekeepers can be used.
    Commands: players can use the command /return to teleport them back the nearest town, of course with a small delay.

    Mail System:

    It's used to send messaged to offline members, while it gives the ability to send items too, with a small fee of adena.
    Although the player needs to be level 20 to send mails.

    Skills and Classes System:

    Each class has different and same skills with other classes.
    Players don't need spell books to learn the base class skills.
    Although there are some rare and epic skills, that can be learn by any class from their book.
    Every character can have Max 1 class, the base one.
    To play another class, you need to loot or buy the item that changes the base class, or just create a new character.
    Also each class have attack skills, so they won't be boring.

    Party System:

    Parties are small teams, with max of 9 members, that help with farming and PvPing.
    To invite a member the command /invite username is used.

    Trade System:

    It's used to trade items between characters.
    To use it the command /trade (target) is used.

    Instance System:

    The min and max level to join an Instance is 1 - 99.
    While being in an active Instance, players are unable to leave their party, to avoid trollers.

    Hero System:

    It's won by getting a killing spree of 30 kills in a raw without dying or with a certain item(until restart) or winning Olympiad.
    Heroes get some skills.

    Enchant - Augmentation - Attribute:

    Items can be boosted.
    The rates vary from item to item and from level to level.

    Attack on Schuttgart:

    Every so and on some monsters attack Schuttgart, are you able to kill them??
    But Schuttgart is not a safe town like the others.
    Be careful Schuttgart Lord, other clans may attack you too!

    Noblesse System:

    It's won by killing Flame Splentor Barakiel(Raid Boss), or with a certain item.

    Olympiad System:

    It's every day from 18:00 to 00:00.
    The winners are chosen every Sunday night.
    To join Olympiad matches the character needs to have noblesse statues.

    Poll System:

    It's used to from Game Masters(GMs) to ask players some questions and players can vote the most appropriate answer for them.


    Players can shift+click to players(to see their stats) and to monsters(to see their stats and drops).
    When a player dies, there is a chance(5%) of getting death penalty, the penalty can be removed with some certain scrolls.
    When a player is sitting, the regeneration of his HP/MP/CP is increased.
    Monsters with * near their title are aggressive.
    Shift+Click on a buff removed the buff.
    If the attacker of a raid boss is 10 levels higher, then he gets paralyzed.
    Only one arrow need to be used.
    Shots are automatically enabled on login.
    Pots has a reuse(mana pots - 20 seconds, health pots - 5 Seconds, CP pots - 5 Seconds)

    Premium System:

    Premium players get more experience and drops.
    The increased drop chance is contributed to their party as well.
    Also premium players have access to premium buffers.

    Petition System:

    It's used for players to communicate with Game Masters.

    Pc Bang Points:

    They are gathered by players when they are online.
    They are used to buy items.

    Machine - Server Info:

    Max players, that can be in the world simultaneously, are 5000, although the machine will be upgraded to enable more users to play.
    Players can lock their IP or HWID, so they can play from the same internet or computer, to avoid losing their account.
    The default game language is English, in the future more languages may be added, according to the players' demand.
    Players can use their e-mail, if they forget their password.

    Voiced Commands System:

    Players can access to various features via commands.
    .control - is used to open character's control pane.
    .help - is used to open help panel.
    .password - is used to change account's password.
    .repair - is used to repair the character of another account.
    .offline - is used to start offline store mode.
    .stats/.statistics - is used to see character's stats.
    .kd - is used to see characters KD (online kills / online deaths).

    Items System:

    Items can be bought from shops, from other players, from farm and from raid bosses.
    Every items can be augmented and can be traded, augmented or not.


    Tier 1: Dynasty

    Tier 2: Icarus

    Tier 3: Vesper

    Tier 4: Triumph

    Tier 5: Hight 1

    Tier 6: Hight 2

    Tier 7: Ferrum


    Tier 1: Dynasty

    Tier 2: Moirai

    Tier 3: Vesper

    Tier 4: Vesper Noble
    Tier 5: Vorpal

    Tier 6: Elegia

    Tier 7: Chaos

    Tier 8: Ferrum

    Tier 9: Poseidon


    Tier 1: Dynasty

    Tier 2: Moirai

    Tier 3: Vesper

    Tier 4: Vorpal

    Tier 5: Elegia

    Tier 6: Boss

    Tier 7: Ferrum

    Many Tiers cloaks, with different texures

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