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    Lineage 2 Nation-War
    « on: April 03, 2020, 09:24:27 PM »
    May, 01 at 14H GMT-3


     Exp / SP (EXP) x100
     Adena x100


    Safe +4
    Max Weapon: +17
    Max Armor/Jewels: +16
    Normal Scrolls: +5=60%; +6=60%; +7=60%; +8=55%; +9=55%; +10=55%; +11=50%; +12=50%; +13=50%; +14=45%; +15=40%; +16=35%; +17=15%;
    Blessed Scrolls: +5=65%; +6=65%; +7=65%; +8=60%; +9=60%; +10=60%; +11=55%; +12=55%; +13=55%; +14=45%; +15=40%; +16=35%; +17=8%;


    Windows 10 compatible - YES
    Noblesse : Quest Retail (Barakiel respawn 3/4hours)
    Flag system when attacking Raid Bosses.
    Sub Class Free
    Jobs 20, 40 free  and 76 level 10kk Adena
    Olympiad Time - 1 Weeks Fights with 18:00 untill 23:59 -3GMT " 9 registered in all to fight and 5 base".
    Auto learning skills
    Offline shop with radius to organize town, need a special item selling in gmshop.
    Infinity Scape
    Mana Potion restore 1000mp with delay 8secs- at Shops of server for Adena.
    Teleportation free for all Towns. Gk Global
    Epic Bosses: Chaotic Zones
    Augument: No Skills Argument
    Automatic Donater's in Shop Web site.


    24+4 slots (Divine Inspiration: Auto Learning);
    2 hrs buffs
     Npc Full Buffs - All buffs Free without hots debuff.
    Profile Buffs "Macro in Npc full buffs"

    Game Custom Items

    Titanium Set's       

    Dark Kinight Set's 

    NOTE: The Titanium and Dark Knight sets have the same status, however, it will be necessary to crafting both sets for the Upgrade Dynasty.

    Dynasty items are purchased with Essences extracted from Titanium and Dark Kinight items.

    Transcendent items are purchased after upgrading Dynasty -> Trancendent. This upgrade will keep all your items' enchants and augments. If you had a Augmented Dynasty +10 weapon, just doing the Up-Grade you will receive the same Augmented Trancendent +10 weapon.

    Game Shop

    Armor and weapons up to S grade for Adena.
    All consumables are available in the store.
    Special items are sold in Giran and Aden at the Mysterious Merchant NPC, for custom coins:

    Chaotic Darkness Medal: Can be purchased in all farm zones on the server.

    Not allowed bar: Corresponds to 1 billion adenas, can be exchanged at the NPC: Mysterious Merchant.

    Dark Kinight Armor trash server: trash server of part of the Set Dark Knight, can be acquired by taking part of the set in
    NPC: Mysterious Merchant. Used for the Up-Grade Dynasty.

    Titanium Armor trash server: trash server of part of the Set Titanuim, can be acquired by taking part of the set in NPC: Mysterious Merchant. Used for the Up-Grade Dynasty.

    Epic trash server: trash server removed from a Boss Jewelry, can be used in the Up-Grade for Blessed Jewelry.

    Clan Reputation: When using this item, the Leader adds +500 reputation points to the Clan. Can be achieved by killing the Clan Special Bosses.

    Maintenance Enchant: Item used to maintain the Enchants and Augments of an Dynasty item when doing the up-grade.

    Nation Raid Bosses (Respawn +/- 12hours)

    We have a total of 9 special raid bosses, located in the Farm areas:
    Spam is not allowed of Shilen (Aden)
    Antharas Lair (Giran)
    School of Dark Arts (DE Village)

    Special Clan Bosses (Respawn +/- 3hours)

    Site: https://nation-war.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/l2nationwar/

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=29532.0
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