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    Lineage 2 Saturn Mid Rate
    « on: August 23, 2020, 09:17:22 AM »
    Server Rates are 200x (Mid Rate).
    Enchant Rates for Weapons 75% to +15 after 15 to 20 you have a rate from 50% !
    Enchant Rates for Armor/jewels are 65% and Max is +15 for Weapons Max is +20!

    The Scrolls for enchanting, you can buy at Shop in Giran Castle Town.
    The concept of L2Saturn is that we want a old school server to get farming & pvp experience!! All stats based on S grade sets, that means we have new Stats for S grade armor, Major Arcane Robe set have now +17% Casting speed for example! At black smith of Mammom you can upgrade your S grade Armor to Apella Sets! the bonus of this set is (only) +1000CP. In the future we will add more new Armors and Weapons. Dynasty, Dark knight, Icarus Weapons for example.

    What you waiting for? I wake up your interesting ? then go to Download our L2 Saturn Patch!!!


    Lineage 2 Saturn 200x Interlude


    Olympiad game
    Retail olympiad game
    Competition period 1 week
    Olympiad start time 1800 end 0000
    Olympoiad startend times can be found in olympiad manager

    Mid life stone skill chance 15
    High life stone skill chance 15
    Top life stone skill chance 30

    Unique features
    Main towns Giran Rune Goddard Farming Area
    Castle sieges every week
    Stackable scrolls lifestones book of giants enchants
    Grand Bosses system with new Drops
    Wedding system
    new Farming areas
    till A grade items at Shop
    Unique tattoos
    Fake NPCs for Buffstation
    Max count of buffs 30
    Max subclasses 3
    Free and no quest class change
    Free and no quest sub class
    Nobless from raid boss barakiel
    No weight limit
    No grade limit
    Interlude retail skills
    Server uptime 247 99
    Perfect class balance
    Apella Armor

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