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    Hello everyone. I'm the administrator of L2Vehiron and i'm here to show you our server.

    As you saw already from the title, our server is L2J based. We are  using the latest version of the known Pride pack, but we have changed a lot of things that you will be able to explore as we move further.

    First of all, our server is fully customized with custom EXP rate. The pack has been changed in order to resurrect your will to play. Also, keep in mind that the project is still under development, things come and go. Enough talking, lets continue to more interesting stuff.

    Grand Opening Date : 15 June 18:00 GMT +3 [Athens Time]

    Beta Phase Date was on : 10.03.18 GMT +2

    Useful Links

    Website | Forum | Facebook | Contact us | Youtube | Change log | Guides | Streamers

    Our most recent Youtube videos :

    Vehiron Weapon Effect | Bug Report NPC | Boss Path | Forge of the Gods Preview | Armor Showcase | Teaser Video | Promo Video


    Client : Gracia Final.
    Rates : [Adena : custom] , [EXP : 9000x] , [SP : 3000x].
    Enchant Rates : Depend on weapon, armor and scroll.
    Safe Enchant : Depend on weapon, armor and scroll.
    Max Enchant : +25.
    NPC : Fully customized Buffer, GM shop, PvP Merchant, Event Merchant, Blacksmith and more.
    Max. Level : 95.
    Auto Event Engine.
    Sieges every weekend.



    Fully working Community Board.

    Fully reworked Wedding system.

    Drop list by shift+click on the mob.

    Heroes every 2 weeks.
    Offline shop mode.
    Auto learn skills.

    Survey System
    Auto pick-up.

    Report NPC

    L2 Vehiron is based on L2Pride source. Our team has changed and reworked most features including Farm zones, NPCs, Community board and most importantly, balance between classes. In particular, we have created new skills for weak classes like Shillien Saint and Tyrant. We have also changed their base stats like CON, DEX and INT. Finishing,we have changed the external appearance of most armors and weapons. Our key to success is the continuous development and the support of the players. You can find more information below.

    An item that offers basic functions such as,

    ~ Custom Gatekeeper.

    ~ GM Shop.

    ~ Advanced Character Stats.

    ~ Symbol Maker.

     ~ Augmentation.

    ~ Password Changer.

    We have re-created Vehiron's community board in order to accomplish one of the most important player's need, comfortness. More useful functions of those that Pride retail had, are now implemented.

    ->Equipment Viewer<- A home page preview can be found below. ->Top 25 Fame/PvP Ranking<-


    More information on our website


    Grand Opening Date : 15 June 18:00 GMT +3 [Athens Time]

    A huge thanks to Strain, Solomun, Big Man Bear, Erlandys, BruT, Ave and Evie Frye for their awesome services!


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