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    Lineage.Club [H5] Low Rate Server x2 **OPEN**
    « on: February 26, 2017, 04:49:18 AM »

    Lineage.club welcomes all the High Five fans to embark on a long-term journey full of surprises!
    We guarantee a successful start with massive amount of players and dedicated administration team!

    website: International Lineage 2 Servers - Lineage Club
    forum: Forums - Lineage.club
    skype: [email protected]

    Open Beta
    February 10, 20:00 GMT + 0

    Grand Opening
    February 24, 20:00 GMT + 0

    I. Server Description

        1. Chronicle
              High Five (Part 5)

         2. Platform
              Retail OFF (Not L2J)

          3.   Rates               

          4. Systems
                Seven Signs (27 February)
                Grand Olympiad (5 March)
                Castle Sieges (11 March)
                Clan Hall Auctions (3 March)
                Items Auctions: ()
                Hellbound ()

    II. Add-ons

           1. Anti Bot

            Bot Report
                         Our community can notify staff by the use of the Bot Report button that will be added on character creation to the skill bar to encourage the use of it.

            Private SmartGuard
                        Optimized Anti Bot system with its own AI to fight against the bots.

          2. Anti RMT

           Real Money Trade
                         It is forbidden and will result in ban. Our Anti RMT system and staff will fight to detect this activity and prevent it from game.
                         We promise to block PM spam from RMT sellers.

          3. Gateways
                 Cut your latency in half or better depending on your Geolocation! All our gateways are assured with DDoS protection.


          4. Secondary Auth
                 Extra measure of security to prevent account theft.


         5. Multi-boxing Limitation
                 2 boxes + 1 offline shop / PC

          6. Offline Shop
                 24 hours duration.

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=27133.0