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Lineage II Ghost PvP Server ONLINE NOW
« on: October 03, 2016, 01:03:26 AM »

Experience Rate: x1000
Skill Points [SP] Rate: x1000
Adena Drop Rate: x1000
Drop Rate: x1
Quest Drop Rate: x1
Full Interlude Geodata & Pathnodes
Fixed Macros (Without /delay)

Max Enchant +12
Safe Enchant +3
Normall Enchant: 70% (up to +10)
Blessed Enchant: 100% (up to +10)
Crystal Enchant: 100% (from +10 to +12)
Karma Drop Rate: 35% (After 5 PK Score)
Top-Grade LifeStones Rate: 20%

Instant 80 Level
1st class transfer – FREE.
2nd class transfer – FREE.
3rd class transfer – FREE.
Sub-classes are without quest.
All skills are auto-learned.
All skills can be used again after olympiad match end.
Max buffs:40 (+4 From Divine Insipiration)
Players will start with Noblesse Blessing on their skills
Augment system just one active + passive .

Olympiad every one week. (Heroes every Tuesday, Monday is the last day for olympiad games).
All skills can be used again after a match.
Items have limit to enchant in olympiad game.(all are +6).
Olympiad ranking update after every match
Non-Classed Match Participants: 2
Class-Based Match Participants: 5

Clan war rewards increased.
Siege Only  for  Goddard Castle.
Clan Leveling needs 5,10,15 members for lvl 6,7,8
Max alliance members: 3

Scheme Buffer
GM Shop
Vote Shop
Event Shop
PvP/Pk Rank
Skill Enchanter
Global Gatekeeper
Noblesse Manager
Raid Boss Manager
Armor Upgrader
Donate Manager
Pk Guard

Cursed Not allowed:
(Available from farming in L2 Ghost Farm Zones. Required to obtain Equipment and Special Items.)

Coin Of Luck:
(Available from L2 Ghost vote reward. Required to obtain Special Items.)

Siege Only for Goddard Castle.
Offline System based with Not allowed Bars.
Custom Hero Coin, obtainable from Hero bosses.
Custom Noblesse Coin, obtainable from Barakiel.
Custom Clan Reputation Coin, can be used ONLY by Clan Leaders, [3000 points].
Players will start with Noblesse Blessing on their skills
Anti buff shield added
Stackable Enchant Scrolls.
Auto Vote Reward (Every 2 Votes, All Players Get 3 Coin Of Luck)
.repair Command
All buffs: PP,SE,EE,WC,OL,BD,SWS,Pet Buff!
Includes a scheme buffer where you can manage your own buff sets.
Mini Raid Bosses with cool drops.

Armor Upgrade:
#You Can upgrade  your armor and in same time to keep the enchant.
#You can exchange your armor for apella.
#Apella Robe has same status like Dark Crystal and bonus +2 int, +1 wit
#Apella Light has same status like Draconic Armor and bonus +2str , +1 dex
#Apella Heavy has same status like Imperial Crusader and bonus +2 con, 1+ str.

Grand Boss Respawn Time:
#Antharas = 4h+1
#Valakas = 4h+1
#Baium = 3h+1
#Queen Ant = 3h+1
#Zaken = 3h+1
#Frintezza = 4h+1

Every Grand Boss Zone is auto flagged.


Type any username and password in the login window and you will create an account.
(if you get a message that the password is incorrect, it means that the account is already taken)

Website: Lineage II Ghost - Interlude PvP Server
Forum: L2Ghost - Index
Official Facebook Page:  HERE

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