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    Lineagers.Pro - Interlude PvP x800
    « on: March 17, 2018, 12:20:11 PM »

    Web Site: http://lineagers.pro
    Interlude PvP x800

    Knowing the game since 2005 and playing on hundreds of different game servers, we tried to take only the best traditions of the genre of PvP.
    We ask you to immediately note that this is not x1200, namely x800, and the difference is not only in the name, but in the concept itself. Our reits are something in between super zadrotstvo and super light game. The server is configured and balanced so that everything on the server has a certain value. We tried to return the opportunity to lead in the game not only war and battles, but also the game economy, trade and earnings. In addition, we will try to ​decorate the game on Interlude x800 server with our author's events with cash prizes every day! Also on the server will be periodically organized political wars - creates 2-3 camps, players are divided into them and lead the battle among themselves for a cash prize. The first camp - players from Russia and the CIS, the second camp Players from Ukraine and Europe, the third camp - neutral players, peacekeepers. Summarizing - we tried to make for you a comfortable, pleasant gameplay so that you could play, have fun and at the same time earn real money.

    Chronicles: Interlude
    Rates: x800 at all
    Start 20 LvL in D grade
    Giran Harbor Start Area
    Trade Zone Dion Castle Town
    Secure enchant +3
    Maximum enchant +16 / 25
    Daily money tournaments
    Noblesse Blessing is absent in Baffer
    Infinite nipples and arrows
    Chance to acquire a skill with Top Grade Life Stone - 10%
    Unique costumes and weapons with regular S grade stats
    Sieges of castles every week
    Sub-class without a quest
    Simplified passage of the quest for the nobility
    Not allowed Bar for converting adena
    ACP function
    A handy .menu command in the game
    Protection against cheats and bots SmartGuard
    Expensive and powerful defense against DDos attacks
    A grandiose advertising campaign.

    Full description is available on the link: http://f.lineagers.ru/index.php?/topic/75-engabout-interlude-x800/

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