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    Lost Paradise: A new beginning is an ambitious project with the goal of becoming a top server for the Italian and international community. The union of the two communities is fundamental to the regular growth of the project, which is why we expect the arrival of international guilds to raise the rate of discontent.

    The project was born as a response to the crisis of Italian non-official servers due to poor administrative management. The project diverges from the modus operandi of other servers, operating in a version that is closer to what the player needs, including several extra-play changes that should solve those particular gaming dynamics. Just to make a small example, we have studied a judicial system where there will be "elected" (who will change from month to month) who will exercise the profession of judge. This will enable the development of a solid community based on fundamental values such as respect and equality.

    With the extra-play legal project, we want to implement players-by-players rules control.

    Current state
    The project lives on a dedicated European server. Due to its relative proximity we have a very low ping. If you would like to apply for a tester or simply browse, you can contact us in a variety of ways, such as private message, skype, whatsapp, facebook.

    Lost Paradise: A new beginning is a project created by players, for players. So first of all we know very well what are the difficulties and gaps in the game, and we know where to go to work to please the user. The team consists of 2 people. We are former players of official and non-official Italian servers like Lost Paradise, Naia, Innova Core, Classic, Utopia, Gigarent, The County.

    We need feedback of any kind, so what we ask is to help us develop a serious project, a project made by players for players.


    Exp: x8
    SP: x8
    Adena: x5
    Spoil: x5
    QAdena: x5
    QExp: x5

    Safe +3

    Official PTS Epilogue no custom.
    No NPC Buffs.
    GrandBosses AI fully working.
    AntiBOT System.
    DDoS protection.
    Off-Trade: for start off-trade - just write .offline
    Maximum time for off-trade: unlimited
    Lock exp gain with commands .expoff & .expon
    2 Box Max.
    Class Master

    Gather The Flames x3
    Alliance with Ketra Orcs x3
    Alliance with Varka Silenos x3
    Supplier Of Reagents - x3

    Grand Opening on:

    22 July 2017 - Open Beta Server
    28 July 2017 - Site / Account Manager
    29 July 2017 - Live Server!​

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=27571.0
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