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    « on: February 21, 2020, 10:08:25 AM »
    GRAND OPENING: 2020/02/28


    The opening of the server will take place: February 28 at 20:00 Moscow time!
    Starting the server in MBT mode: February 21st at 20:00 Moscow time!

    Registration for the Seven Seals begins on March 2.
    Cursed Weapon Turns On March 31st.
    Exp/Sp: x7.
    Adena: x1.
    Drop: x5.
    Spoil: x5.
    Raid Boss Drop: x4.
    Epic Boss Drop: x1.
    Manor: x1.
    Quest Drop: x4.
    Quest Reward: x1.


    1 Profession - 50 000 Adena or Quest.
    2 Profession - 500 000 Adena or Quest.
    3 Profession - Quest.
    Sub-Class and Noblesseс:
    Full quest for Noblesse.
    Full quest for Sub-Class.

    Features / Other:

    Auto learn skills.
    Implemented an individual autolut (configured in the .menu)
    Implemented Box/Chest system.
    Newbie Guide is available from level 1 to level 60. The following buffs added to the Newbie Guide: Decrease Weight - 1 LVL, Berserker Spirit - 1 LVL, Might - 2 LVL.
    Implemented premium runes..
    For buff is available 24 slots.
    Implemented system "Crete on the Epic" (maximum disconnect time 300 seconds).
    Comfortable page of Droplist on Shift + Click.
    The duration of the Song/Dance effects is 4 minutes.
    Top Grade Life Stone 76 added to the drop of the Tyrannosaurus with a 20% chance.
    Items dropped on the ground disappear in 10 minutes.


    The duration of the Olympiad: from 18:00 to 24:00 Moscow time.
    The period of the Olympiad is 2 weeks.
    Non-class fights require 6 player registrations.
    Class battles require 4 player registrations.


    Sieges are held every other week on Sunday.
    The sieges are divided into 2 parts in one part accept 4 locks in the second 5 locks.
    Sieges begin at 16.00 and at 20.00.
    Sieges take place within 2 hours.

    Epic Bosses:

    All Epic Bosses will be alive at start of server.
    Core - respawn time 32-36 hours.
    Orfen - respawn time 32-36 hours.
    Ant Queen - respawn time 20-24 hours.
    Zaken - respawn time 44-48 hours.
    Frintezza - respawn time 44-48 hours.
    Baium - respawn time 120 hours.
    Antharas - respawn time 264 hours.
    Valakas - respawn time 264 hours.
    Raid Bosses:
    Respawn ordinary Raid Bosses - 18-24 hours.

    Commands working on server:

    .menu - player control panel (enable / disable experience, trade, invitations, etc.)
    .repair - recovery of the character stuck on the same account.
    .offline - offline trade. Allowed from level 1.
    .rune - command to check time of temporary items (Rune, Premium Buff Book).


    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/l2-adzone/10/overworld-pro-x7-february-28/29471/

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