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PlayINERA - Season 2 - Many Clans - 12X - Nov 23!
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Why Choose PlayINERA?

So you are looking for a server to play on? You have many options to choose from; of course some are better than others. And some are in a completely different category of quality - that's PlayINERA. We are a group of developers, designers, and managers that run servers as a hobby. But we do it right and listen to your feedback. INERA's community is vast and strong. We have many players that stand by us because our world is unique and professional. It provides you with ultimate fun and maintains the highest level of competition. Our second season is about to launch, Gracia Epilogue 12x Mid-Rate, 'The Resurgence'. Come check us out for a number of our cool features. We will not disappoint you.

Gracia Epilogue 12x

November 23, 2018

Some of our Features.

Blood Royale
A new event coded for this season, the entire world of players is placed into a zone and they must kill a unique Boss. There are 10 unique bosses in total, each having their own special powers and weaknesses. These bosses reward those that do well. The zone is full PVP with death timers added, no other restrictions, may the best Alliance win this war.

Blood Price
You can steal your enemies currency by killing them. This was a very big hit in the first Season of our server. Depending on your combat status, you can kill enemies and steal their hard earned currency. Can you handle that?

Event Engine
We have our own private event engine. It was polished off in the first season, over 20 different types of events to entertain you: Bomberman, Berserkers, TvT, Deathmatch, Castle vs Castle, Simon Says, Catch the Bomb, Mario Kart, and so much more! Unique rewards, Health Orbs, Speed Orbs, and UD Orbs on every map!

Quality Files
Our files have over 6000 bug fixes. There are few Gracia Epilogue projects with our caliber of files, if any. Our developers will fix any issue reported. Our files have been reworked over a period of 2 years! That's a lot of work. You can check out our forum for the complete list of fixes and patches. Did I mention we've released over 79 massive patches?

We have the best damn community out there. No paid clans that stay for 1 week, no fake online standing in Giran for no apparent reason, No fake advertising or fake numbers. PlayINERA is an honest community that work together for the sake of Lineage 2. We have Brazilian, Greek, and English Admins to handle the majority of reports. And the best damn GM staff you will ever find on any server. No private donations, honest donations, no imbalance, simply the best.

Drop Rates

Adena Chance: 1x / Adena Amount: 8x

Spam is not allowed Stone Chance: 1x / Spam is not allowed Stone Amount: 4x

Items Chance: 8x / Items Amount: 1x

Commons Chance: 1x / Commons Amount: 1x

Recipes Chance: 6x / Recipes Amount: 1x

Scrolls Chance: 1x / Scrolls Amount: 1x

Element Chance: 1x / Element Amount: 1x

Material Chance: 3x / Material Amount: 3x

Key Parts Chance: 5x / Key Parts Amount: 1x

Blue monsters have a drop penalty.

Spoil Rates

Recipe Chance: 5x / Recipe Amount: 1x

Material Chance: 5x / Material Amount: 2x

Key Part Chance: 5x / Key Part Amount: 1x

Blue monsters have a spoil penalty.

Raid Boss

Drop Chance: 3x / Drop Amount: 1x

Jewel Chance: 1x / Jewel Amount: 1x

Grand Chance: 1x / Grand Amount: 1x

Any Raid Boss Level 52- or below will have 3x XP/SP rates.

Quest Rates

 A complete list of modified quests can be found here.



Epaulettes are 1x drop

Max Subclass is 85

Element stones are 50%

Element Crystals are 35%

GM-Shop is active and up to B-grade

Raids drop clan reputation boxes

Olympiad cycle is 2 weeks

Sieges and TW are weekly.

Buffs are extended to 2 hours.

Autoloot and Autoskills are on.

 Sub / Class / Noble are for Adena.

Cursed Swords and Auctioneer enabled.

Mana pots are enabled.

Scheme buffs and buff stores are on.

Global GK and Offline shop are on.

Hellbound is set to level 11.

The manor is set to 1x.[/ce

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